Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Growing big and healthy!

My youngest just turned 20 weeks on the 16 of June 2010 (Wednesday) and now weighing 7.33 kilos (16 lbs and 2 ounces). He's definitely getting bigger, growing healthier and smarter. Had his last jab today - thanks God for it. His next one will not be until he's 1 year old. Ah, still can't believed how time flies - my baby has grown so much already.

Another milestone: 21st June 2010 - he rolled over for the 2nd time in the floor. He's also trying to crawl now.

As I've mentioned previously that he's started eating solid food for few weeks now but lately, he's more into sucking fruits. Today, 22nd of June 2010 (Tuesday) he had his first taste of strawberry - he loved it. And what more is, he can now strongly grip things too specially my hair.

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