Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Greek Princess

Last Friday (18 of June 2010) was my daughter's greek day at school. She had to wear the outfit that Daddy bought online few weeks ago. It made Kk super excited! Just the day before her greek day Daddy took us to "NEXT" and bought Kath her first pair of gladiator sandals. Of course, I have some contribution on this and you should able to guess what it is! Yes, I did her lovely hair do. Daddy did some research of special Greek hair dos - credit to myself I did it pretty well. All the teachers and her classmates admired my daughter's hair a lot. They couldn't take their eyes off her. She definitely stand out. Oh, by the way, with her is Gail - Kk's friend who also look beautiful.

greek princesses (post & run only)greek princesses -2

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