Thursday, 10 June 2010

Rolled Over (Another Milestone for Will)

William just turn 18 weeks yesterday 9th of June 2010 Wednesday. And just early this morning he managed to rolled over for the first time. Well, the first time I see him did it. Big sister (Kath) seen him doing in on the sofa and Daddy seen him doing it on the floor the other day too. But I don't count it because I was not able to witness it happen and only this morning when I finally caught him on the act. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snap it but its okay, my vision is quite clear and I don't tell lies for the sake of it, hehe. Ah, I'm just happy of his development lately and besides he is so active and energetic as well and gets excited whenever he hears noises. His really one funny little boy and brought so much pleasure into our family!

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Hello said...

yes, such exciting times - watching them achieve their makes us mums happy, a different kind of happiness I say.

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