Friday, 30 July 2010

Year 3's award and Achievement

I guess, I am just a super proud Mother who acknowledge my daughter's achievement and awards. It doesn't take much to make me smile:). I couldn't be more proud of my princess. She is sure my little star and though not for many people's eyes (especially to bitter people who pray or wish nothing but pull me down - but hey, bitterness does nothing but damage their own soul and mind). but for us, she is always. I don't compare my kids (and never will) to others because I believed that every child/human is individual. We have our strongest point and some weakness too. We aren't always good in everything. As a mother, I'll never force my kids to do things that they aren't happy of doing. I'm here to be just their parents. And, what does parents do? They have to supervise them, to guide them and to give them advised whenever they need it and above all, to love them for what and who they are, unconditionally. I wouldn't say my daughter is the smartest or the brightest in their class because I know there are loads of kids who are good on some things that my Kath is not good at. But I proudly say she did excelled in their Math and literacy as well as poetry. According to her latest report card she only needs to improve her balance. She is crap when it comes to standing on one leg. She just can't do it and in their P.E. that is her lowest point. So yeah, I am proud of my eldest for bringing home an outstanding remarks this year.

PAD entry # 276Year 3 - report card _002Accelerated reader awardstar of the year 2010 awards10 Mathletics Awards - smallKath 2nd award for d year (Headteacher/Principal)Karate Grading Certificate

First on my list of things to buy....

Gosh, having 2 older kids who are sometimes can be very handful is quite daunting. Christian, my 4 yr old often go out without me noticing it until 10 to 15 minutes after I realised that his gone outside. Its quite scary, I tell you. So, exit alarm sounds a great idea. So, I'll know whenever someone is going out from the door. I would certainly buy it in couple months time once we decided what our plan is. At the moment, we are just having around waiting for the blessings from up above. And come what may, exit alarm is high on my list of things to buy and that's certain! Not only for my kids but for burglars too.

Little Fella's latest Video

This was captured and uploaded via mobile. I was lucky enough to have a super handy cam via handy phone (mobile) in which I can used to capture any moments with my kids. This is William in his big sister's school kiosk waiting quite happily and chatting away with me. He is very good and so far has not given me any grief in wherever I take him. He is a real pleasure that give us so much joy in our life.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

First Outdoors Swimming

This was the much anticipated outing for the kids. I spent my whole night researching for this place. It's not very common here in England to have outdoor swimming pool because of the weather. Even summer we don't get very hot days. If were lucky, we can sometimes reach to 80F but usually for few days only. However, hubby prefer that way rather than very hot and humid. Perhaps, he is used to it whereas me I'm not and always complain when its cold. I can't stand the cold days. So, that's why people tend not to have outdoor pool, indoors is more likely. Anyway, this year we are blessed for a drier and warmer summer. I'm very pleased and so are the kids because it only means they got to enjoy more. On father's day we took them to Arundel Lido for the day and they had a blast. It was even my youngest (baby Will) first swimming. Still it was a little cold even for a heated pool therefore we only dipped him in and out for just 1 minute. But the two kids (Kath and Chan2x) stayed for hours and hours, they loved it so much that they didn't want to go home anymore.
William's first dipIMG_5995 IMG_5996 IMG_5997 IMG_5998 IMG_6001

Saturday, 10 July 2010

William's fun rides

At 4 months plus, he's milestone are pretty amazing. Besides eating solid food, tasting fruits, laughing, chatting, standing, rolled over, reaching and gripping toys, he's also had his very first outdoor swing ride as well as fairground rides as you can see the photos I've attached below that was taken on the 19th of June at the Wimbledon Summer fairground. Luckily, Daddy have an Auntie who is residing nearby and invited us for that day. Anyway, it took me this long to upload the photos, huh? I should have done this early but how little is the chance I get to do it? So tiny!

IMG_5941 IMG_5940

Friday, 9 July 2010

My healthy babies...

First and foremost, I'm very thankful to the only magnificent creator above whom granted and blessed me with 3 lovely angels. Also, many thanks to prenatal vitamin that I specially used during my 3 pregnancies. That is why I have 3 super healthy babies! I couldn't be more happier. I counted myself as rich for having a healthy lifestyle, healthy family, healthy relationship and healthy kids. Exactly as I wished and prayed. I'm so blessed indeed. I attached our photo below that was taken 5 weeks ago.


My boys

How very lucky I am to have 3 wonderful and handsome boys/men in my life. As I've said I'm very blessed and grateful for having them. They completed me! It's like living a dream.

z_my boysz_my 4 yr oldz_daddy's timez_baby Will @ 3 months plusz_my big fella

Well taken care of....

I'm so grateful to be blessed with 3 beautiful and healthy kids that's because I've got the most amazing husband in the whole wide world. Every pregnancy he made sure that I have the best prenatal vitamins and all the other things too. He often came home with bags full of goodies and vitamins are one of it. I even still have loads left in the kitchen cupboard. Last time, I've sent all of the left over to the box for my Family back in Philippines. They we're very happy especially my sister who took all of it when she had her 3rd child and it produces a one healthy baby. A happy and healthy pregnancy equals a happy and healthy baby. Thanks to the best husband and Daddy in the universe. Needless to say, I am well cared and loved. I'm very lucky and couldn't ask for more.............

Good time with cousins

My kids love spending time with their cousins. They could be more fun if all their cousins from abroad can come and visit often. But they are just oceans away so visiting often will cost fortune. Luckily they have few cousins who lived here in England but unfortunately the rest are in Canada and America as well as in the Philippines. So, here's some good time with them during the Wimbledon Summer Fairground.

IMG_5889 IMG_5888 the cousins

Not for my kids...

I know that one day my kids will have their own life and that I could not tell them what to not to do. I'll just hope that I can still guide them into the right path. I often discuss with them about vices and smoking is no exception. Only one person smoke in our family and that is no other than my husband. But to be fair, he only smoke outside. Since we had kids we agreed to ban smoking inside the house. We want our place to be smoke free for the kids sake. I hope my kids won't do the same. As they say, when a Father smoke the kids are unlikely to do so. Hopefully, hubby will stop smoking as promise once we move house. Me and the kids hate the fact that he smoke. The good thing is, he is not a fan of cigars like his friends do and are always smoking Cohiba every time I see them. Ah, its truly revolting! Glad that my kids already hate the idea of smoking. Just as well, really.

Another set of Photos

I've posted some of my little one's photo that was taken on 12 of June 2010 in the play park. Here's some other set finish I did today and uploaded in my flickr photoalbum. Hay, photography eats all my time but I just love capturing every moments of my kids.

IMG_5699Good grippingwide eyed boytoo bigLittle shoes outdoors

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Karate Class

My older two will have their Karate Class today. It's only once a week every Tuesday afternoon @ 5pm to 5:55. At the moment I am waiting for my eldest to come home from school but it seems longer that it should be. She comes home with her friend but I think they're not aware that Kath have her Karate class. I might give them a ring to remind that she have to come home as soon as possible or she'll miss her lesson. I'll better to do the research about pronexin later this evening for I have to get myself and the my boys ready now. Stay tune, I'll be posting more updates later.

Rape Field Photoshoot

After years of looking for this place, I finally found it just 5 weeks ago. My kids enjoy that day. It was after we visited my parents in-law and on our way back home we drove back in the longer way and found this lovely field full rapes. It was truly an adventure and it was worth the wait. Here's my lovely kids did some great poses for mummy.


Wonderful Captures

This moments captured when we were down in my parent in-laws place. They have a beautiful lovely big space where the kids can run around freely. Well, it doesn't shows in this picture because this is taken while they we're chatting each other, sort of candid shots. They're simply adorable and this moments couldn't be more perfect.
My eldest and my youngestMy kids

Sunday, 4 July 2010

His 5 mos old Picture

With my third child I would like to do exactly the same to documents his very first year in this world. As we know, babies grow so fast and we forgot how it is like sometimes. So, someday I can always show these photographs to him. Its sure a priceless treasure to keep. I can't believe my baby is now 5 months old! Look at his gorgeous smile...and a shots with his daddy.

William @ 5 months old_009William @ 5 months old

Saturday, 3 July 2010

A parent's love

As I said in my previous post I will assure my kids will get the best acne face wash when they get to teenager especially to my only princess. She's the only one and I want her to have all the best in life. As a mother, I always want but the best for my children and so is hubby. I'm lucky I get his support all the time. We really are working hard to be the best parents we can be. They completed us - they're our world! Good or bad, we're always here as their parents. Our love to them is simply unconditional!

12 of June 2010

was my little Baba's first swing ride in the park. It was the day when I took all 3 of my kids to the play park nearby. Daddy was painting and decorating our place and so I have to entertained them and keep them occupied for hours. We stayed for 6 good hours and it was fun. Baba Will had his first ever swing ride and he didn't look pleased at all, only fascinated by other people.

his first swing ride @ the park (12 June 2010)

Something to look forward...........

As of now, I have not to worry about my kids physical look. But in few years time, I certainly will. My eldest will be teenager then. It's going to be a tough time and a real challenge for me and hubby when she hit teenager. There will be a lot of changes such as spots, acne, pimples and all that. Then, I have to make sure she have all she needed like a quick acne treatment and etc. You know what teenagers are like, don't you? As a Mum, its my job to assure her confidence. Looking great is a big factor!

Friday, 2 July 2010

My big brown-eyed baba...

Nothing is more pleasurable than to capture every moment of my kids life. My little baba can now smile properly in the camera. I love taking his picture - its like an addiction, lol.

This photos were taken on the 26th of May 2010

This photo was taken on the 2nd of June 2010

2nd of June 2010 - Smiley faceIMG_5005 IMG_5009

3D after LCD TV?

We got our LCD TV a year ago and still is served us fine. But, as usual hubby already think of buying a new one and this time he'll go for the latest model, the 3D one. He's definitely a gadget man! I must say its cool to have the latest technology. It works better, I supposed! But, nothing wrong with LCD TV at all. I think it's one of the best ever.

A place to scape

Nothing makes my kids more happier than to be at their Grandpa's place. They just love the space! So, we're lucky to be invited every now and then. Well, we don't really have extra cash to spend on holidays abroad so it suit us fine to just stay domestically, spend less as every penny counts! It seems that Grandpa's place became our scape garden, lol.

IMG_5522 My kids at their Grandparent's place.....IMG_5536

We love adventures.........

Our family outing usually takes place every weekend. We simply love adventures. We love visiting places such as museums, gardens, Zoo, beaches, parks and etc. In the future we would love to travel around. Few weeks ago, Hubby's Auntie invited us down to Wimbledon for summer fairground. We had great time! On our way back we had to stop by in my in-law's place to drop some boxes of stuff that we packed away for moving house. Nearby, I saw this motor home place and wondering how much it would cost to run it. Hubby think it shouldn't be a lot if you get a motorhome repairs insurance. It somehow interest me as if we can afford it. We might, 10 years from now!

Treadmills for us....

Have I mention about my kids over weight problems? Well, not as bad as it sounds but I was advice to watch their meal every day. It started when I took my little one for weigh couple weeks ago. The social worker saw my 4 yr old looking chubby so, she asked if she could weigh him too. With no doubt, I let her and to no surprised his over weight. He is tall but his over weight too. He should be at least 27 kilos below if not he could turn into obesity. So, since then I tried my best to cook and feed them healthily. I cut down their snack and I don't let them eat any junk food. Also, I let them be active during day time like playing ball games outside or simply go for a walk as long as the day still bright. So, I hope I did right and when the time the social worker will come and visit us again at least we can show a little changes. Well, this is exactly why I am keen for treadmills and soon as we move house, I'll buy one for myself and hubby. We could do of losing weight too, to show to our kids that being fat ain't good at all. It's one of the reason why my 4 year old is too chubby for his age because he wanted to be like his Daddy. It's has to be a tough love. Definitely!

Superhero Day

27th of May 2010 - it was my 4 yr old superhero day @ school. Daddy bought him Ben10 suit because Mummy packed his bumblebee and Sportacus ones. Gladly, he liked it automatically. Here's a snap of him looking cool.

Super hero day @ his school

Empty Wall need a Picture

Finally, my kids are all in bed so here I am left with peace and quite. I can now enjoy shopping online without any disturbance. I am going to check out some bright outfits for this weekend's photo sessions. Hubby bought a studio vouchers couple weeks ago. He decided we needed to have a family portrait since our little one is now nearly 5 months old. I guess he'll pose as fine. On the other hand, I am looking for pictures to hang in our wall - I had this thought of steel buildings photo would fit perfectly. Literally, we just finished decorating our place and since the wall is all white, it looks a bit dull without anything hang on it. So, it needed a picture to give it a little bit of life.

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