Friday, 9 July 2010

Not for my kids...

I know that one day my kids will have their own life and that I could not tell them what to not to do. I'll just hope that I can still guide them into the right path. I often discuss with them about vices and smoking is no exception. Only one person smoke in our family and that is no other than my husband. But to be fair, he only smoke outside. Since we had kids we agreed to ban smoking inside the house. We want our place to be smoke free for the kids sake. I hope my kids won't do the same. As they say, when a Father smoke the kids are unlikely to do so. Hopefully, hubby will stop smoking as promise once we move house. Me and the kids hate the fact that he smoke. The good thing is, he is not a fan of cigars like his friends do and are always smoking Cohiba every time I see them. Ah, its truly revolting! Glad that my kids already hate the idea of smoking. Just as well, really.

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