Friday, 2 July 2010

Treadmills for us....

Have I mention about my kids over weight problems? Well, not as bad as it sounds but I was advice to watch their meal every day. It started when I took my little one for weigh couple weeks ago. The social worker saw my 4 yr old looking chubby so, she asked if she could weigh him too. With no doubt, I let her and to no surprised his over weight. He is tall but his over weight too. He should be at least 27 kilos below if not he could turn into obesity. So, since then I tried my best to cook and feed them healthily. I cut down their snack and I don't let them eat any junk food. Also, I let them be active during day time like playing ball games outside or simply go for a walk as long as the day still bright. So, I hope I did right and when the time the social worker will come and visit us again at least we can show a little changes. Well, this is exactly why I am keen for treadmills and soon as we move house, I'll buy one for myself and hubby. We could do of losing weight too, to show to our kids that being fat ain't good at all. It's one of the reason why my 4 year old is too chubby for his age because he wanted to be like his Daddy. It's has to be a tough love. Definitely!

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