Friday, 30 July 2010

Year 3's award and Achievement

I guess, I am just a super proud Mother who acknowledge my daughter's achievement and awards. It doesn't take much to make me smile:). I couldn't be more proud of my princess. She is sure my little star and though not for many people's eyes (especially to bitter people who pray or wish nothing but pull me down - but hey, bitterness does nothing but damage their own soul and mind). but for us, she is always. I don't compare my kids (and never will) to others because I believed that every child/human is individual. We have our strongest point and some weakness too. We aren't always good in everything. As a mother, I'll never force my kids to do things that they aren't happy of doing. I'm here to be just their parents. And, what does parents do? They have to supervise them, to guide them and to give them advised whenever they need it and above all, to love them for what and who they are, unconditionally. I wouldn't say my daughter is the smartest or the brightest in their class because I know there are loads of kids who are good on some things that my Kath is not good at. But I proudly say she did excelled in their Math and literacy as well as poetry. According to her latest report card she only needs to improve her balance. She is crap when it comes to standing on one leg. She just can't do it and in their P.E. that is her lowest point. So yeah, I am proud of my eldest for bringing home an outstanding remarks this year.

PAD entry # 276Year 3 - report card _002Accelerated reader awardstar of the year 2010 awards10 Mathletics Awards - smallKath 2nd award for d year (Headteacher/Principal)Karate Grading Certificate

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