Thursday, 26 August 2010

Going Back to school

It has been my dream to pursue a degree but being a mother hindered me a little bit. I supposedly continue my study 6 yrs ago when I first got here but I opted to have my 2nd child above all. Then I found a job and work there for 3 years then decided to have my 3rd child. Now that he is already 6 months old, I thought of going back to school. Its about time for me to really pursue what I have been dreaming of - I know my youngest is still so little but that doesn't mean I can't study. Now its my chance to fulfill my dream. That is why Online Schools are being introduced around the world so that people can still study especially to all the house wives, stay at home mothers and whatever reason there maybe that hold them back of going to University. So, online schooling is our way! Besides, its what I want! But, can I do it? Oh yes, I can! Multiple things at once (e.i. motherhood + schooling & etc); sure, why not? Women are known for being good in multitasking. So now, all I need is to get all my requirements ready for the next semester. I'm really serious about this. You'll wait and see, I mean it!

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