Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kath's School trip and the coming one...

Today, my girl went for her school trip. The school took the entire year 4 to Roman Palace in Fishbourne. Kath was very excited about it since the day she knew that she is going to have a school trip. She definitely love to explore because she is one adventurous young lady. What is more interesting is, the whole Year 4 are going for a 3 days school trip by next year. I am a bit nervous about letting Kath go on her own, at the same time, I am excited for her. I know that she can look after herself. She is independent little girl of mine and that's because we raised her to be. Anyway, now its 5 minutes passed 3pm. Its nearly time to pick her up. I can't wait to see her and ask about her day? As a mother, its my job to be interested in all the things she is doing. And, to be honest, I am very interested of all her activities. In fact, I always get more excited than her, haha.

Mark my word...

A lot of people say that I am back to my regular weight and hubby is no exception. But, still I am not convince about that. Based on my pictures that I took lately, I look not thin at all just like I used to. I find myself chubby and I wanted to lose more weight, I'm struggling. So, I am bettoer off using one of this fat burner thingy. Ah, I should do some exercise too as well as cutting down my meal at the same time. I felt like eating too much every day. I'm so disappointed of myself recently. Therefore I have to stand what I say and will start a strict diet from now on. For, I want to be trimmer in the next spring or summer. I shouldn't let my eyes and cold weather win. I have to stop eating after 6pm and more importantly, the snacking. Mark my word!


My niece Polly adores my youngest son so much. In short, she loves babies! Here's a couple of shot I took during our met up few weeks ago in my Mother in-law's place. Many people said that both of them look very similar. Of course, their cousins!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Helping hand

At least, now I can count on my kids when it comes to cleaning the house. Kath is so grown up and quite independent already. Whenever I asked her to do things, she would never say No. She is such a good girl and we're so very lucky. As to my Chan2x, again, a very helpful little boy. When Ate is not around or at school he's always there as my helping hand. He can look after his little brother while I do things around the house. Ah, I'm so proud of my kids and I'm happy of how we raised them because I can see that they are already showing of how capable they are of looking after themselves in the near future. It's always good to instil to kids the importance of independence at the very young age. Anyway, so much for that....

Now, I am in the mood of searching some new faucets, maybe an Insinkerator type. That's my other side of personality is to always look for something positive despite all the trials and stressed in our life. With that being said, our house is unlikely to be sold. House market are still not creeping up, in fact, its still shrinking down. It's not a good time to sell but we desperately need to move to a bigger place. Our PAD ain't big enough for us all. And that alone had caused so much stress to us. I just hope that we will get lucky and someone will come and offer us for the prices that we're asking. Well, the last viewer's comment wasn't helping at all. She said, our place need a bit of modernisation. Oh well....

Thursday, 23 September 2010

About Chan2x's Schooling

Only couple weeks ago when he started Reception and yet it seems longer. My son can now read and recognised more words. Daddy did a great job this time again. Its always him who first taught them to read or learn the alphabet sounds. Its because, I sounded weird and kids don't really get it at all. Must be my accent? Anyway, Kath has been an accelerated reader at the age of 8 and a half. I think Chan2x might be earlier because he is more interested in books than Ate (big sister). Ah, I'm just so proud of them both really. Kath excelled in everything apart from balancing and Chan2x is no different too.

Vacation house

Been to few places over the summer and hell yeah, that was truly fun! I am super excited for next year's escapade plan. In God's plan I'm hoping everything will fall into place so that we can go and visit at least one of my dream places. In the other hand, it would be nice to buy this Outer Banks foreclosures then build a vacation place where the family can stay year after year. If only money is not an issue, yeah? Also, if I have all the dough in the world, I would certainly be traveling from places to another in just a week, or, buy as many resorts from different places. Well, once our papers are done, we will definitely start saving for it. This time, we will just settle for few short breaks in between school terms for the kids to enjoy, at least. Somehow, someday, I will be able to afford at least one vacation house somewhere.

Great, great man & the only....

Hubby taught me many things over the years. And, I appreciated all of it. He has been my rock, my guidance, my partner, my best friend and the only love of my life. I thanked him for being the greatest Dad to my 3 beautiful children. He's an amazing provider, a wonderful listener, an awesome friend and, a brilliant confidant. He's truly a God sent.

School trip...

Kath had her school trip to Fishbourne on the 28th of September. I was going to volunteer to help the trip but unfortunately, hubby will be out to London for a meeting. The last time my daughter had their school trip I wasn't able to help either because no one would look after my son. So, I might just hope for the next time.

Anyway, I am about to go to bed but stumble upon this very interesting fact about extenze side effects so, I might as well just finish reading the article then certainly bed after. I can't afford to lose another hour of my bedtime. I got too many spots already.

The kids on Tita Bea's 50th

It was a lot of fun and plenty of food that my friends made. It was scrumptious, delicious and tasty. Everyone was also amazing and wonderful. The celebrant itself had a great time and was grateful of the party that me and my friends planned. The kids enjoy until the end. They love every single food in the table especially the cake. Here's a slideshow...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Natural Protein Powder

Yes, I am late for my bedtime tonight once again. But who cares? Its the only time I can do my blogging and other networking businesses. Besides, I am searching for natural protein powder. I just seen it on TV and was wondering what it is for. It might be something I can use to make myself more beautiful. Assuming! Well, I better find out and tell you more about it once I get some information regarding this matter. Stay tune!

Christening Plan...

My youngest is not yet christen and we plan to do it next summer. I was going to do it together in his first birthday but hubby didn't agree because he wanted his brothers from Canada and America to attend our little one's christening day. They are going to visit us by the summer and so, we had to extend the plan because of that. Also, summer is a better season to party, its more fun and enjoyable. I have too many parties to organised before hand so, I guess the timing is great. We are yet to confirm the date in due course. I am excited, well, we're all are, really.

Spots due to late bedtime

I have been sleeping very late for the past weeks and I got quite a few spots on my face out of it. So, now I've search for a solution and at the mean time I'm stock reading about acne treatment reviews before I decide to which one I'm going to use. The price is the least important one. What I'm really looking for, is the most effective acne solution. So, I hope this reviews will help me decide in the end. I really need to get rid of this spots. I want to look good all the time. And, I hope I can go back to my regular bedtime routine soon too.

List of presents

September is nearly over and before we knew it, it'll be Christmas. Well, its my daughter's birthday first and she already had her wish list ready. I know she wanted Iphone touch, her own camera, healthy crisp maker and a lot more....I help her made her list via Facebook so that, Daddy can read it and be all prepared for the cost. Then comes Christmas and boy, how long is my son's wish list. He even had binoculars in his long list of presents for Christmas. That will depend if Santa thinks he is a good boy this year to get all what he has listed. Bare in mind, Santa might be also struggling this economy crisis and for that, he won't be able to give everything in the list. Will wait and see, don't we?

School Update

My kids are both doing great at school. Kath settled in pretty quickly as a Year 4 pupil. Chan2x is enjoying being at school and loves playing with his new mates. I expect both chattering me away every time I picked them up. Chan2x never ending muttering is just fun. Kath's one is rather interesting and more like grown up chats. She is even more proper as she mature. She's like my best buddy and best enemy too. Generally, she is good. Ah, motherhood can be sometimes daunting but overall its priceless. I'm just proud and happy that my kids are settling very well in school.

The Dieting Begin!

My weight is terribly shocking. Seen myself just now from the photos we took from our Legoland trip on the weekend. I thought I am getting smaller but still I am just as big as few months ago. Apart from my bulging tummy, I can also see how big my thighs are. I refused to weigh myself lately because I am scared to find out that I am still not losing any of my pregnancy weight. After 7 months, I am still huge and that is terrible! I wanted to get back to what I was couple years ago which was my regular weight and size. Now, I look rather rounder and shorter. Still loads of my clothes don't fit me and that is embarrassing. This is it, I would definitely start using this weight loss supplements that I thought of taking before. I'm not going to wait another months or so because its so sad and depressing to see my self growing rapidly. It got to stop now! I have to put this on my mind that eating too much is not doing me any good but depression. I have to think of my health before my stomach. Okay, I am up for it. My diet will start today!

Baby Will's first word..

is..."Dada". Just yesterday (21 Sept 2010) when he repeatedly say it. That made Dada's day happy. Despite of how hard I throw a "Mama" word to him but still he says "Dada". [Sulked]. Well, just like his big brother first word too. Only my princess who first say "Mama". Ah, this stage and beyond will are rather fascinating. My little boy has grown so much. At 7 months old, he can now clap his hands, shake his head, high five and can sit up longer. The negative side of his personality are showing too such as; scream when he wanted to be pick. Shout if he don't get what he want and hates to share Mummy and Daddy. He deliberately pull Kuya's hair when Kuya hugs Mummy or Daddy. If not, slap his head, pinch, scratch and etc just to get Kuya or Ate out from Mummy/Daddy's lap. But, we do not tolerate it all because we want him to learn as young as possible. But, overall, he is pretty good baby!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Strictly dieting...

Strong diet pills is the last thing I would search tonight. I really want to go to bed now but, perhaps checking out information on how to lose weight quickly might not be a bad idea after all. Okay, I give it a minute, it shouldn't take that long to find out if this things are even worth a look. But, I have a feeling that it might. I desperately need to decide whether to take a diet pills or not. After summer, I seriously gained so much weight. With all those fattening food I stuffed myself over the holiday. Of course, I'd certainly put on extra pounds. Well, its here now. What I can do is, to set a target weight for the next summer. Then, get my diet started asap. Oh yeah, I am this desperate because I know it wouldn't be that easy to lose weight. And, I'm sure the temptation will always be there in between my dieting days. To be honest, I look pretty awful these days with a dark circle around my eyes, bulging tummy wobbling, its horrible! So now, I put myself on a strict diet as well as an early bedtime every night.

What not to reveal?

I was on my way to bed but, a sudden urged of checking my emails came to my mind. So, I checked and got this article emailed to me from a friend regarding things that shouldn't be revealed in facebook such as; home address, birth place and date, password hint, holiday destination and etc. While I read on, I checked pretty quickly my account and see if I did give out these information. Glad, I didn't because since I joined I already doubted to give any info's anyway. Now, I am yet to check my daughter's account.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Good eating habits...

I have mentioned previously about my son's weight. He is tall, no doubt but also, he is overweight. We just found out few days ago through the social worker about what made him fat. Apparently, kids yogurt have too much sugar in it. Goodness, no wonder my son jumps up and down the whole day and even hyper until in the night. He usually consumed all of it once it inside the fridge. So, we stop buying yogurt lately and we tend to pay attention to what we stock in the house. We have to do it for our kids sake because, we don't want them to become overweight. Once they are grown up, it would be easy to lose all the fats by simply doing a fat burning exercise. But, it would be great if we can minimise putting weight on. We are currently working on this matter and so far, our eldest have slimmed down after keeping her active over the summer holiday. To be fair, our son was not doing bad too. He lost a few pounds during the school break. All we need to do is to keep them eat more vegetables, fruits and make sure they keep their body hydrated as well by drinking plenty of water or fresh juices.

Wall Sconces

As a mother, I have to assure that my kids gets the security they needed around the house. That is why we put some outdoor wall sconces at the front porch. Sadly, my kids fear for darkness are from me. I always get frightened in the dark. Unfortunately, I have this scary thoughts in my head that goes round and round when I am in the middle of darkness. It forms many scary faces that scared the heck out of me. Still I haven't outgrown of it and I don't know if I ever will. I am hoping my kids will because it ain't nice to be scared of the dark. Luckily, our house is surrounded with lights, pretty trendy lights outside at our wall.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Prime's Adventure

My 4 yr old is so obsessed when it comes to transformers. I think he has all the toy versions. But his all time favourite is no other than the one and the only "OPTIMUS" the Prime. Gosh, he is like a baby to him because he carries it all around wherever he goes. Few times, he even took Optimus to school and lost bits of it. So, Daddy has to buy him a new one. God knows how many OPTIMUS he has already but at least the biggest one still has all its pieces together. Anyway, this photos shown below was when he took Optimus with us to the playpark. He said, Optimus would be grateful if he could take it with him for an adventure. So, he did!

Optimus Prime (SOOC)Prime's adventure (SOOC)Nutty Prime (SOOC)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


My youngest just turned 7 months old and he's already sitting up like a big boy. He has been spoiled by Daddy because he has always more than 1 stuff that a child need. Like his high chairs, swing, bouncy chairs, car seat and etc. And just couple weeks ago, Daddy bought him a bamboo and a Papoos. Well, not long from now he'll be going to a big boy's chair. I mean, we have to buy him a new pushchair. I kinda love bob revolution ones because I think they made it easier for us (Mums) to push around. The style, the designs and they wheels are uniquely made. Ah, would not harm to try but I certainly have feeling its the pushchair that my little one and me would be comfortable using. So, I sure give it a try.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

@ exactly 7 months old (photoshoot)

Baby Will's milestone for the past 4 weeks was pretty amazing. Yesterday, the 3rd of Sept 2010 Friday at 11:44am, he turned exactly 7 months. Its going to be another exciting stage. His personality development are even more fascinating now. Like most babies, my son is just as adorable. I know that I'm a mother of 3 but, I am just as happy and proud like a first time Mama, hehe. As you can see of how obsessed I can be when sharing my little one's progress, and of course... his captured moments too.

3rd Sept 2010 - @ 7 months old!3rd Sept 2010 - @ 7 months old!3rd Sept 2010 - @ 7 months old!3rd Sept 2010 - @ 7 months old!3rd Sept 2010 - @ 7 months old!

Friday, 3 September 2010

half a year old over...

My baby Will is almost 6 months old over. Tomorrow, at 11:44 am he'll officially be 7 months old. Time goes by so quickly. My youngest is no longer a newborn but still my little baba.

Do it for the best...

I didn't know that Mesothelioma cancer is treatable. Only after I read some information about it earlier that it actually can be treated once its found out earlier. That is why twice a year health check up is always recommended. That is pretty standard all over the world. Having said that, I am due of mine soon as well as my smear test. So, don't you take your health for granted. Go and have your health now! For the earlier the better! Do it because its for the best!

The best shopping there is....

Day by day, I spent money through online auction and its quite an exciting thing that you can get hooked once you started. Most of my Kath tennis stuff (especially tennis dresses) I bought it from auction. That way, I can get a much better deals in many quality items. Personally, I think its the best shopping there is. Don't you? Well, if you haven't done it then I suggest you should try. It might not be a bad idea after all. It certainly saves you a lot especially to those people who prefers branded or quality gears. Online auction are simply the best!

Winter? I think it is...

I can't hide the fact that winter is drawing so near. Well, fall came earlier as usual. If you are my facebook friends then you'll know my moaned and groaned about our crap weather. Well, at least I have all the snow boots ready for the worst weather to come. Well, there is always a room for another pair. But for now, all I need is to buy my kids a pair of snow boats because their feet tend to grow quicker these days. I'm pretty sure their old ones are no good anymore. The good thing is, I can always buy it online to avoid hassles. Mall and shops tend to get filled so easier this season and I think it has to do with the cold weather. Not much to do outside really. But, its always wise to be all ready for winter, isn't it? The cold season is definitely here therefore, we have to be prepared.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Joined Year 4 today!

My Kath officially joined Year 4 today. She was super duper excited and so did I. I was going to walk her to school this morning but Daddy insisted of doing it on his way to work. So, what I did was help her get ready and took a picture of course of her very first day. Will share the pic later....

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