Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Baby Will's first word..

is..."Dada". Just yesterday (21 Sept 2010) when he repeatedly say it. That made Dada's day happy. Despite of how hard I throw a "Mama" word to him but still he says "Dada". [Sulked]. Well, just like his big brother first word too. Only my princess who first say "Mama". Ah, this stage and beyond will are rather fascinating. My little boy has grown so much. At 7 months old, he can now clap his hands, shake his head, high five and can sit up longer. The negative side of his personality are showing too such as; scream when he wanted to be pick. Shout if he don't get what he want and hates to share Mummy and Daddy. He deliberately pull Kuya's hair when Kuya hugs Mummy or Daddy. If not, slap his head, pinch, scratch and etc just to get Kuya or Ate out from Mummy/Daddy's lap. But, we do not tolerate it all because we want him to learn as young as possible. But, overall, he is pretty good baby!

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