Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Dieting Begin!

My weight is terribly shocking. Seen myself just now from the photos we took from our Legoland trip on the weekend. I thought I am getting smaller but still I am just as big as few months ago. Apart from my bulging tummy, I can also see how big my thighs are. I refused to weigh myself lately because I am scared to find out that I am still not losing any of my pregnancy weight. After 7 months, I am still huge and that is terrible! I wanted to get back to what I was couple years ago which was my regular weight and size. Now, I look rather rounder and shorter. Still loads of my clothes don't fit me and that is embarrassing. This is it, I would definitely start using this weight loss supplements that I thought of taking before. I'm not going to wait another months or so because its so sad and depressing to see my self growing rapidly. It got to stop now! I have to put this on my mind that eating too much is not doing me any good but depression. I have to think of my health before my stomach. Okay, I am up for it. My diet will start today!

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