Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Good eating habits...

I have mentioned previously about my son's weight. He is tall, no doubt but also, he is overweight. We just found out few days ago through the social worker about what made him fat. Apparently, kids yogurt have too much sugar in it. Goodness, no wonder my son jumps up and down the whole day and even hyper until in the night. He usually consumed all of it once it inside the fridge. So, we stop buying yogurt lately and we tend to pay attention to what we stock in the house. We have to do it for our kids sake because, we don't want them to become overweight. Once they are grown up, it would be easy to lose all the fats by simply doing a fat burning exercise. But, it would be great if we can minimise putting weight on. We are currently working on this matter and so far, our eldest have slimmed down after keeping her active over the summer holiday. To be fair, our son was not doing bad too. He lost a few pounds during the school break. All we need to do is to keep them eat more vegetables, fruits and make sure they keep their body hydrated as well by drinking plenty of water or fresh juices.

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