Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mark my word...

A lot of people say that I am back to my regular weight and hubby is no exception. But, still I am not convince about that. Based on my pictures that I took lately, I look not thin at all just like I used to. I find myself chubby and I wanted to lose more weight, I'm struggling. So, I am bettoer off using one of this fat burner thingy. Ah, I should do some exercise too as well as cutting down my meal at the same time. I felt like eating too much every day. I'm so disappointed of myself recently. Therefore I have to stand what I say and will start a strict diet from now on. For, I want to be trimmer in the next spring or summer. I shouldn't let my eyes and cold weather win. I have to stop eating after 6pm and more importantly, the snacking. Mark my word!

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