Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Prime's Adventure

My 4 yr old is so obsessed when it comes to transformers. I think he has all the toy versions. But his all time favourite is no other than the one and the only "OPTIMUS" the Prime. Gosh, he is like a baby to him because he carries it all around wherever he goes. Few times, he even took Optimus to school and lost bits of it. So, Daddy has to buy him a new one. God knows how many OPTIMUS he has already but at least the biggest one still has all its pieces together. Anyway, this photos shown below was when he took Optimus with us to the playpark. He said, Optimus would be grateful if he could take it with him for an adventure. So, he did!

Optimus Prime (SOOC)Prime's adventure (SOOC)Nutty Prime (SOOC)

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