Thursday, 16 September 2010

Strictly dieting...

Strong diet pills is the last thing I would search tonight. I really want to go to bed now but, perhaps checking out information on how to lose weight quickly might not be a bad idea after all. Okay, I give it a minute, it shouldn't take that long to find out if this things are even worth a look. But, I have a feeling that it might. I desperately need to decide whether to take a diet pills or not. After summer, I seriously gained so much weight. With all those fattening food I stuffed myself over the holiday. Of course, I'd certainly put on extra pounds. Well, its here now. What I can do is, to set a target weight for the next summer. Then, get my diet started asap. Oh yeah, I am this desperate because I know it wouldn't be that easy to lose weight. And, I'm sure the temptation will always be there in between my dieting days. To be honest, I look pretty awful these days with a dark circle around my eyes, bulging tummy wobbling, its horrible! So now, I put myself on a strict diet as well as an early bedtime every night.

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