Friday, 3 September 2010

Winter? I think it is...

I can't hide the fact that winter is drawing so near. Well, fall came earlier as usual. If you are my facebook friends then you'll know my moaned and groaned about our crap weather. Well, at least I have all the snow boots ready for the worst weather to come. Well, there is always a room for another pair. But for now, all I need is to buy my kids a pair of snow boats because their feet tend to grow quicker these days. I'm pretty sure their old ones are no good anymore. The good thing is, I can always buy it online to avoid hassles. Mall and shops tend to get filled so easier this season and I think it has to do with the cold weather. Not much to do outside really. But, its always wise to be all ready for winter, isn't it? The cold season is definitely here therefore, we have to be prepared.

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