Thursday, 14 October 2010

Baby Will first tooth

My youngest, baby Willy Billy had his first tooth grow out. It was few nights ago (just couple days after he turned 8 months old) when I first noticed a tiny hint of sharpness on the top of his bottom left side of the gum. I knew it straight away it was his tooth. Couple nights before I noticed it, he was a bit cranky and always want to lax on to me all night, restless and sleepless unless I'm beside him. Ah, now he's having his first tooth. It's amazing to be able to noticed it. He's my 3rd child and the only one that I am able to see the very first tooth that came out. Its totally fascinating! I'm overwhelmed with the experienced. With my other two, I didn't know and I only noticed it when its already half way out. Unbelievable experienced. As a mother I am in total awe!

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