Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chan2x's Last day as a half day pupil

Its my Chan2x's last day of being half day tomorrow. Monday, the next week, he is going to start as a full time. At last, I can have a longer nap with my youngest at home before I go pick my older two. They both will finish at 3pm everyday so, I'll have quite a time to bond with my little one. I know, not long from now, this little fella will start schooling again. Time certainly flies!

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to have lunch with Chan2x at school but, thats only if I can find somewhat to baby sit my baby Will for half an hour. If not, then I'll have to pass lunching with my 4 yr old. Shame, really! Oh well, I though school would provide creche like they usually do couple years ago but unfortunately, they don't have one this time. So, I find it hard to attend meetings and any other open activities without child minder. I hope they can sort it out soon, because I do want to watch the Reception's coming Nativity show. I would not miss it for sure.

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