Friday, 22 October 2010

First Family Studio Take

I was very vocal about this very pricey studio portrait we had but, I am quite satisfied of the outcome. Our family shot that came along with the frame is now hang up in our sitting room wall. My only criticism for this studio is, they don't really gave out the original copy of the photographs. Well, fair enough. Its their business and that is how they make money through clients who buy the prints and frame. Only that, they are very pricey and not everyone can afford it specially in today's economy. Well, we only ordered the family portrait and one each print for the kids and the 3 of them together too. Below are the photos from the Studio, I only took a photo out of a photo, lol. If you know what I mean...

IMG_8561 IMG_8566IMG_8574IMG_8571 IMG_8568

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