Friday, 22 October 2010

Moving, moving business, I can't wait...

I jokingly said to hubby that he badly need a muscle building supplement because he's no longer Mister hunky anymore. And, he just laughed, as if, I was really joking! [LOL] Anyway, we agreed that once we moved house things will get better and easier for us. Oh well, he has a point. At the moment, we are both stressed out because we are desperately in need of space. The kids are getting to the age where 2 bedroom Flat ain't big enough anymore for them to run around. Garden is what we need! Oh, next week is going to be an exciting week for everybody. Because, we are going to offer to this house that we fall in love with. But, I hope we will get it and that will only depend to the owner if our offer is high enough to be accepted. Oh, now I'm talking! Well, me and hubby agreed to offer based on what we think is the right price for it. Well see, anyway!

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