Thursday, 28 October 2010

Look, who love strawberries?

Nothing much going on in our end today. Just stayed here inside the house as the weather gets colder day by day. Winter is just around the corner. But, I might take the kids out later in the afternoon. Maybe, after lunch or around 3pm. It's not looking good out there, that is why I'm a little hesitant to go outside. Oh well...

I am uploading some more photos into my Flickr album and still loads to come. Here are the newest I've done this morning. My little William eating his favourite fruit of all time.

IMG_1223 IMG_1224

He kind of like strawberries. But, I have to say, he is not a fussy eater and would eat anything that is given to him. Well, typical baby he is - who love to put everything into his mouth, whatever it is he gets hold of.

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