Thursday, 21 October 2010

Will the long wait be over soon?

I never get to this point in life that sleeping pills is a must-have. I am quite lucky to have my sleeping pattern properly maintained. Sleeping routine for my children are strictly imposed too. But, our Daddy is the one who get less sleeps night after night. He tend to stay up really late, either working on the computer or watching television. I don't really like it and I've tried stopping him sometimes by taking him to bed with me earlier in the evening. Some nights it work but some nights he just couldn't sleep at all. I guess, he is stressed man. But, it will all change once we are done this moving business. He wanted to have the bigger house for the family and all that. Then, he will at ease after and will start his dieting, exercise and quit his bad habit - the smoking, as promise. After many years, he's definitely giving it a serious thought. It'll be the best birthday gift for me and, I'll be the happiest wife on earth.

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