Tuesday, 30 November 2010

NY's resolution...?

Unfortunately, my dieting has been a failure so far. I can't help myself to pig out every time there's food on the table. Just like this morning, I had a full huge breakfast instead of porridge or any cereals. I could have stop myself but I didn't so, there we go. I think I better start imposing a strict diet soon after the holiday. I might even consider buying some weight loss cream - it should help, at least. Perhaps, I could add it to my new years resolution list. Ah, too many promises, I shall leave it. For sure, 2011 will be an exciting year for us. Well, that is what I'm hoping... but, come what may!

My little expert:)

Just like his older siblings, baby Will also now loves to play and rather not to go to sleep. All he wants is to play, play and play! He loves playing "Peek-a-boo" game with Mummy especially during bedtime. But bedtime routine was strictly imposed as young as newborn. But now, he has to learn again that bedtime is no longer a playtime. His milestone development highlights for the past couple months are so many to mention - but, the biggest one was when the day he learned to pulled himself to standing and that was when he was about to turned into 8 months old. Since then, he fastly developed it and started walking around the house holding on to anything he can hold such as; doors, chairs, table and many other things just to cross to any other rooms in the house. Now, he is so good at it, a little expert as what I call it, lol. Yes, it is wonderful to see my little one seeking independence at such a very young age. I hope with my guidance and supervision that he will continue to do so. Below is the fact of a babies from 9-12 months milestone and proud to say that baby Will has already been doing all these things. So, he is bang on!

Your baby now can pull himself up to a standing position from sitting down.
He can stand while holding on to someone or something.
Baby uses the "pincer grasp" holding tiny objects between his thumb and forefinger.
He can walk while holding onto furniture.
Baby drinks from a cup.
He can stand alone for a few seconds or perhaps longer.
Baby says "mama" or "dada."
He understands the meaning of "no."
Baby responds to simple commands (such as "Give Mommy the toy")



One way links

I have known so many blogsite/website that are desperate to increase blog traffic. I guess, they've definitely tried most of the directories but still failed to bring more traffic. Just now, this minute, I have stumble upon this one way links that apparently can increase blog trafficking that easily. Among others, this site sounds very promising and interesting. So, I guess I should try it myself. I'm on my way now to submit my blog and I shall tell you in my next post.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

A babies whole world (bonding time)

A babies world is pretty simple, for all they want are their Mummy and Daddy. It is where their worlds revolves. Its one of the reason why me and hubby always have this time bonding with our kids. As much as we could, we tend to set aside some time chatting each of them or play time with them even if its only 5 minutes. Its very important for the kids to know that they are loved, they are valued and they are appreciated. We are not the world best parents but for our kids we are. For their eyes, we are the worlds perfect parents! So, in return we will give them our love, our protection and our time. At the end of the day, the kids is our priority! Also, they grows out of hugs and kisses from their parents so might as well grab this chance while they are still young and need it. Soon enough, they'll have their own family and kids and for them we will just be second. If they are raised in a house that is full of love and respect then they'll do exactly the same to their own. Simple as that!

IMG_5199IMG_5200IMG_5193 IMG_5159 IMG_5153 IMG_5152 IMG_5065 IMG_5069 IMG_5068 IMG_5063

Instead of meal...

I have never thought that looking for the best weight loss supplement is this hard. Ah, until now, I am still searching for that special one that contains all the nutrients that your body need. I have tried various types and kinds but it didn't seems to work well for me. Hubby said, it might have to do with not following the instruction properly. Like the previous one I have used which is a kind of milkshake for breakfast then a proper lunch and milkshake again for the dinner. How will it work if I take the freaking thing and still I have a full breakfast along with it. Oh, I end up eating more than I should have to. So, no wonder why it didn't work, yeah? Silly me! Shouldn't be asking, why. Now, I am going to try again!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Stood up for the very first time

It is 17th of Novemver 2010 at 11:22am when baby Will stood up all by himself without holding into anything. Its such an amazing thing to witness with both of my two eyes looking at my little one trying to stand still for about 2 seconds. That was pretty good for a 9 months and 2 weeks old baby (exactly 40 weeks - well, not quite about 22mins away). Too bad, I was not able to capture it. His pretty close to walking and, I can see how much he couldn't wait to get on to his feet and explore even more. Ah, time certainly flies!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another K lesson missed...

I was pretty much out all day today. Stayed in a friends house for lunch and a few chit-chats too. Soon after our lunch we all picked the kids up together and took some photos of them in their Roman/Greek outfits which I'll share later.

Anyway, about quarter to 4 when we arrived home - feed the kids and get them all ready again to go back to their Karate lesson for the first time since they got back from their 11 days school break. They already missed couple of session (which I raised myself to blamed for it) and today, it's a bit unfortunate that the Karate was not on. We're a bit disappointed but, never mind. There is always next time or next week. So, we went shopping instead.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Wanting to lose weight...and I will!

Most of my time I spent of searching for the best diet pills, fat burners and slimming solutions. Ah, I'm this obsess of how I look but who can't blame me? I do look horribly chubby now. Yes, its been 9 months ago since I gave birth and it seems I haven't shred any weight at all. After all, I been eating lots and most of it are junks and sweets. Plus, brioche and pastries are my biggest downfalls. Eating unhealthy food is the sad fact of my life and it is not a great help in getting back to my regular weight. Believe it or not, most of my clothes still don't fit me. But, I surely give it another try and who knows in few months time, I might be able to fit it all again. Finger cross!

Grandpa time

It was exactly 8 months old William was when this picture was taken. Now, he is already 9 months old. How time flies. Anyway, Grandpa is not used of holding or carrying baby, that is why, he looks so pretty awkward, yeah? Look so cute, though!
IMG_2179 IMG_2180

Target weight

After all afternoon eating loads of food I felt that I might need a slimming aid. Well, I will have a look at this diet pill reviews and see how it goes. Would be great to have this pills to help me lose all this excess fat I have right now. Though, exercise might not be a bad idea too but still, a weight loss pills would be a great help. I would want myself to look good this Christmas as I have few parties to attend and not to mention, a wedding day too. So, I have to really work hard to make this thing happen. If it means, I have to start tomorrow then, I will. I'm becoming more motivated after looking back my old photos few years ago. I was looking well and so trimmed. Now? What a shamed!

Baby Willy's Little Obsession

What is it with the baby that it seems pulling things is like the best they can do? If not hair, nose, mouth and ears. It is becoming baby Will's little obsession to pull everything off from the table too. Everything he see's that he thinks its okay to pull. Like this picture shown below, he pulls his big brother's ear. Poor fella!

Christmas Shopping

I have not yet started any of my Christmas shopping. But one thing I want to make sure this year is to not shop in the last minute. Oh how manic, it could be. Last Christmas, I did everything a week earlier but still I found it very hard and the crowd wasn't helping at all. So, as much as I could, I want everything prepared and ready as as early as possible this year. For hubby, I might get him this rfid wallet as his extra present. I think he needed it. And the kids, they will get what Santa would bring them and of course their main present would be from Mummy and Daddy. We will see, how generous we are this year, if not broke, as we already are. But, I've already seen store that offers 50% sale so, I might grabbed the chance.

A babies world

It is amazing to think how a little baby's world revolve just to their parents, most especially to their mother. Their pure and genuine smile says it all. It is the most wonderful thing to be able to experienced and see. As a mother of three children, I am now what they called, expert. Well, not expert of parenting but expert of understand my babies need and feelings. Their emotions is a reflection from me. If I am disgruntle, it will make them one. If I am not happy, they won't be happy either. If I sad, they will be symphatising me and when I am lonely they are too. It's as simple as that. Their world just revolve around their parents, their home and how are they raised and brought up. So, as possible as we can, we are trying our best to give our kids the happiest childhood they'll ever remember.

A quality business gear

I work as a cashier or checkout assistant in one of biggest superstore in the UK. I must say, our barcode scanner was pretty advanced and boy, how I loved it. It is a must-have to every shops to avoid delayed with handling customers. Imagine the speed, the smooth processed was as fast as the Gatwick express, hehe. Yeah, it is very necessary to have that fast high technology to be able to serve as many customers as possible without getting everyone upset or disappointed for waiting so long, as I've noticed through the years how people can get very impatience - especially a mother with child. Therefore, they should invest the best quality gear for every superstore check outs to get the business going for a long period of time. Good services is a one's company's very own reputation. As they say, first impression last.

Chan2x's first school report

click image for even a larger view

Yes, I'm proud to say that my son is settling very well in his first big school. He joined Reception just this September and in fact, he only started to be full time not long ago, as he is a winter baby (January born) which is mean, he is somewhere in the middle - not the oldest one nor the youngest. Summer babies are the youngest and autumn babies are the older ones.

Anyway, me and hubby was unexpectedly surprised in regards of our young man's first school report card since joining Reception. This was handed to us on the 2nd of Nov during their first Parent/Teacher consultation. Hubby's smile was more than 190%, it was unbelievably huge and that because, he was proud beyond words.

Anyway, despite of his very good report card, also he earned 20 star stickers (more or less) for just that short period of time. Pretty amazing huh? But, we never really expect this all from Christian because, the Daddy thought him as his clone and that, in every single personalities or traits from him, Christian might have got it all. Of course, we knew that he is very smart just like big sister but, we have this vision of him as an intelligent boy but lazy just like his Daddy who had a bad school report throughout his school years as he was very lazy and could not be bothered to work hard for it. His always comments from his teachers was, "could have done better". Luckily, Chan2x is the other way round . He is well-behaved boy in the class as well as academically great. In fact, this week he is picked as their class council. As the teacher said, he is a very good role model to his classmates and always put his hands up when he needs to talk. She is as pleased and happy as she was with Kathleen.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The next big thing...

Samsung HDTV is what we've got last year. But, although its not that old, hubby already thought of buying an upgrade. Another Samsung but, LED is what he think of buying this time - no longer LCD he wants like last year. Oh well, its a treat for himself, if ever he will buy one. Well, at the moment, all he can think of is how we can move out quickly. His mind is all set for this Christmas. He is that desperate for a bigger space, he just want some private space where he relax after a long day of work. Anyway, as soon as it happen, the new Television will be the next thing for him. It's a man's gadget, as we all know.

Fall Delights

Its not-so obvious how proud I am with my kids, yeah? Imagine, how many photos of them I have in my hard drive - a 500G HD is already nearly full? Goodness me! You would think so that maybe they're getting bored with the flash. It would not be a surprise if they are. Well, I just want to make sure that I captured every moments of their childhood. Unlike me, I haven't see a photo of my when I was a tiny baby. I think the youngest I've seen of myself is when I was 5 yrs old? If not, definitely when I was 7 yrs old. Not so good, eh? I can't show my kids how I look like when I was a baby. It sad! But, my kids will be thanking me when they're adult. Oh yeah, its becoming a little obsession, I won't deny that, hehe. Anyway, here's my kids very first fall 2010 pictures that was taken on 22nd of Sept 2010.

IMG_0127 _MG_0141

Plenty of foods during Holidays

Holidays are on its way again and, I'm pretty sure there will be loads of food around and as well as sweets. That is why I'm cutting down my food intake lately with the hope to shred some few pounds before the holidays. Lipofuze is there to the rescue for sure. I'm such a sucker when it comes to chocolates and hubby never stop buying them so we got loads in the house. There are times that I just sit all day and munch chocolates. Its not good! And, here comes Christmas, food feast and the likes and I will certainly put weight again. Oh, I can't stand my bulging tummy anymore. Ah, relentless eating for days will definitely caused more weight dilemma. Oh well...

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

An unfortunate b-day gift

Confirmed: Kath has chickenpox,:(! It all started on Monday (1st of Nov), when she wasn't feeling well anymore and had an upset stomach. Then, by Tuesday, she had a slight temperature that cost her a day of school. Then today (Wednesday), she got a little better and so, she went to school. But, when I picked her up, I noticed some red spots on her neck and a little on her face too. "Chickenpox? No way", I muttered. However, my friends thought exactly the same as me. So, we went straight home after that little discussion. Did some little observation while waiting for Daddy to get back from work. As soon as he arrived, he googled and check online all about chickenpox and unfortunately, all the symptoms being said and written from the website, has sadly ticked all the boxes. Its positive, Kath got chickenpox!

How timing sucks! (I know that  my kids will eventually get chickenpox). But, who would have thought that it will fall on her birthday week? When she could have get it earlier or... later? It is annoyingly frustrating, when everything are all prepared, planned and organised then suddenly,  it came just 3 days before her party! It's her birthday, for goodness sake! And, you have no idea how disappointing it is. My princess is so sad with the thought that her party will be resume until she gets better. Yes, a birthday party is all set and ready for her this coming Saturday. But now, it is more likely that we are going to cancel it. I somehow felt guilty. But, its the best thing we can do for now and, will see how she do in the morning. If we have to re-schedule everything then, we will have do it at any cost . How I'd wish it happened earlier though, but, as the saying goes... "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". So, there we go!

On the other hand, Daddy has wrote an apology letters to distribute to the kids in her class who were invited to the party. Then, hopefully Kath will be alright and feel better soon. Now, I have to expect and be ready for my other two, for I'm pretty sure they're going to get it. Ah, looks like, it's going to be a difficult month for me. Oh well...

Here's my poor baby girl's back

Click the image for larger view

@ 9 months old! (Reaching another Milestone)

3/11/2010 (Wednesday) - my youngest baby has officially turned 9 months old. His milestone mobility from the past month just suddenly turned from 0 - 100, its pretty amazing to think how abruptly he changed overnight. This includes standing up without any support and also started climbing chairs, ladder and stairs, fearlessly, until he realise he can't just climb down as easily as he climbed up. Getting him ready or changed is becoming a battle too. Ah, he's been vigorously moving for the past few weeks, from one corner to another. And besides all his physical development, his emotional sides are even funnier. He now understood what is sad and happy, by simply showing us his face when ask. Oh, how funny and cute he looked! Such an actor, he is! Not only that, he can also throw tantrum, if not being given what he want or if he don't get any quick respond. Baby Will also understand what "giving" word mean, however; sharing is not on his vocabulary - he is yet to learn that, because, whenever he find Kuya & Ate hugging to either Mummy or Daddy then, he'll screamed his heart out, slapped or pulled their hair. But, above all, this happy little chap is our little bit of heaven. Oh, he now got 4 teeth in all.

@ exactly 9 months old baby WillIMG_4099IMG_4027 IMG_4021IMG_4024 IMG_4046 IMG_4040 IMG_4128

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gifts Ideas

A wedding anniversary is the most celebrated occasion in the world. Like most couples, we are thankful and grateful in each year that added to our marriage life too. Anyway, as I was reminiscing and looking through our anniversaries, I dig into this leather make-up case and remembered that it was actually my 3rd year anniversary gifts from my darling husband. Oh, you wouldn't believe if I said, it was the perfect choice among others, would you? It really was! Leather? You couldn't get any better ideas than that? Ah, he never failed to surprised me year after year. Blessed his heart! Exchanging cards and gifts are becoming a valuable traits to us and to many people. And too right, as it is the most important date in our life to be remembered. It's when the day that the two hearts were united into one - a lifetime commitments were made and promised! So, celebrating wedding anniversaries year after year is the best thing that a couple will have, as it only means one thing, that your love for each other remains even more stronger and deeper. So, we should always pray for many more wedding anniversaries to come and of course, the anniversary gifts by year is the other thing that we also look forward, isn't it?. And, why not?

Anyway, what do you think of this flirty Aprons?

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