Wednesday, 3 November 2010

@ 9 months old! (Reaching another Milestone)

3/11/2010 (Wednesday) - my youngest baby has officially turned 9 months old. His milestone mobility from the past month just suddenly turned from 0 - 100, its pretty amazing to think how abruptly he changed overnight. This includes standing up without any support and also started climbing chairs, ladder and stairs, fearlessly, until he realise he can't just climb down as easily as he climbed up. Getting him ready or changed is becoming a battle too. Ah, he's been vigorously moving for the past few weeks, from one corner to another. And besides all his physical development, his emotional sides are even funnier. He now understood what is sad and happy, by simply showing us his face when ask. Oh, how funny and cute he looked! Such an actor, he is! Not only that, he can also throw tantrum, if not being given what he want or if he don't get any quick respond. Baby Will also understand what "giving" word mean, however; sharing is not on his vocabulary - he is yet to learn that, because, whenever he find Kuya & Ate hugging to either Mummy or Daddy then, he'll screamed his heart out, slapped or pulled their hair. But, above all, this happy little chap is our little bit of heaven. Oh, he now got 4 teeth in all.

@ exactly 9 months old baby WillIMG_4099IMG_4027 IMG_4021IMG_4024 IMG_4046 IMG_4040 IMG_4128

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