Sunday, 3 October 2010

@ 8 months old (3rd Oct 2010)

Our baby Will is another month old (8 months, to be precise), hooray! As they say, it is the land of fall and bumps, however; baby Will already experienced his first bumps and bruised at just 7 months old. And, I wasn't proud of that! But, I was glad it healed pretty quickly. Okay, last month he learned so many things such as; clapping hands, high five, pulling himself to standing position, getting up into sitting position, crawling backwards, repeating his act when applauded, he repeats emotions, like, he cry when he see's his Kuya or Ate crying, he laugh when he hears us laughing too. He also learned few tricks like, throwing, banging, shaking or dropping toys and many more. Ah, he is just a joy to watch! Anyway, this months is another full of excitement. I'll just have to restrain my inner desire for being so over protective and let him discover his limits. Remember, each baby is unique and meets physical milestones at their own pace. Oh, had his first 2 tooth at 8 months old!

Here few pics I took...
our little 8 mo's oldIMG_2109 IMG_2106 IMG_2015 IMG_2059IMG_2143 exactly 8 mos old - happy lil fella!

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