Saturday, 13 November 2010

Chan2x's first school report

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Yes, I'm proud to say that my son is settling very well in his first big school. He joined Reception just this September and in fact, he only started to be full time not long ago, as he is a winter baby (January born) which is mean, he is somewhere in the middle - not the oldest one nor the youngest. Summer babies are the youngest and autumn babies are the older ones.

Anyway, me and hubby was unexpectedly surprised in regards of our young man's first school report card since joining Reception. This was handed to us on the 2nd of Nov during their first Parent/Teacher consultation. Hubby's smile was more than 190%, it was unbelievably huge and that because, he was proud beyond words.

Anyway, despite of his very good report card, also he earned 20 star stickers (more or less) for just that short period of time. Pretty amazing huh? But, we never really expect this all from Christian because, the Daddy thought him as his clone and that, in every single personalities or traits from him, Christian might have got it all. Of course, we knew that he is very smart just like big sister but, we have this vision of him as an intelligent boy but lazy just like his Daddy who had a bad school report throughout his school years as he was very lazy and could not be bothered to work hard for it. His always comments from his teachers was, "could have done better". Luckily, Chan2x is the other way round . He is well-behaved boy in the class as well as academically great. In fact, this week he is picked as their class council. As the teacher said, he is a very good role model to his classmates and always put his hands up when he needs to talk. She is as pleased and happy as she was with Kathleen.

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