Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fall Delights

Its not-so obvious how proud I am with my kids, yeah? Imagine, how many photos of them I have in my hard drive - a 500G HD is already nearly full? Goodness me! You would think so that maybe they're getting bored with the flash. It would not be a surprise if they are. Well, I just want to make sure that I captured every moments of their childhood. Unlike me, I haven't see a photo of my when I was a tiny baby. I think the youngest I've seen of myself is when I was 5 yrs old? If not, definitely when I was 7 yrs old. Not so good, eh? I can't show my kids how I look like when I was a baby. It sad! But, my kids will be thanking me when they're adult. Oh yeah, its becoming a little obsession, I won't deny that, hehe. Anyway, here's my kids very first fall 2010 pictures that was taken on 22nd of Sept 2010.

IMG_0127 _MG_0141

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