Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gifts Ideas

A wedding anniversary is the most celebrated occasion in the world. Like most couples, we are thankful and grateful in each year that added to our marriage life too. Anyway, as I was reminiscing and looking through our anniversaries, I dig into this leather make-up case and remembered that it was actually my 3rd year anniversary gifts from my darling husband. Oh, you wouldn't believe if I said, it was the perfect choice among others, would you? It really was! Leather? You couldn't get any better ideas than that? Ah, he never failed to surprised me year after year. Blessed his heart! Exchanging cards and gifts are becoming a valuable traits to us and to many people. And too right, as it is the most important date in our life to be remembered. It's when the day that the two hearts were united into one - a lifetime commitments were made and promised! So, celebrating wedding anniversaries year after year is the best thing that a couple will have, as it only means one thing, that your love for each other remains even more stronger and deeper. So, we should always pray for many more wedding anniversaries to come and of course, the anniversary gifts by year is the other thing that we also look forward, isn't it?. And, why not?

Anyway, what do you think of this flirty Aprons?

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