Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My little expert:)

Just like his older siblings, baby Will also now loves to play and rather not to go to sleep. All he wants is to play, play and play! He loves playing "Peek-a-boo" game with Mummy especially during bedtime. But bedtime routine was strictly imposed as young as newborn. But now, he has to learn again that bedtime is no longer a playtime. His milestone development highlights for the past couple months are so many to mention - but, the biggest one was when the day he learned to pulled himself to standing and that was when he was about to turned into 8 months old. Since then, he fastly developed it and started walking around the house holding on to anything he can hold such as; doors, chairs, table and many other things just to cross to any other rooms in the house. Now, he is so good at it, a little expert as what I call it, lol. Yes, it is wonderful to see my little one seeking independence at such a very young age. I hope with my guidance and supervision that he will continue to do so. Below is the fact of a babies from 9-12 months milestone and proud to say that baby Will has already been doing all these things. So, he is bang on!

Your baby now can pull himself up to a standing position from sitting down.
He can stand while holding on to someone or something.
Baby uses the "pincer grasp" holding tiny objects between his thumb and forefinger.
He can walk while holding onto furniture.
Baby drinks from a cup.
He can stand alone for a few seconds or perhaps longer.
Baby says "mama" or "dada."
He understands the meaning of "no."
Baby responds to simple commands (such as "Give Mommy the toy")



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Emzkie said...

good job willy billy! sus kalami sa paa oi.. lami kaau paakon!!! hahahaha.. nanggigil ko haze. lol. hapit na dyud ni mudagan, matagbaw dyud si mommy ug gukod ani ba. bantayonon na kaau Haze no?

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