Wednesday, 3 November 2010

An unfortunate b-day gift

Confirmed: Kath has chickenpox,:(! It all started on Monday (1st of Nov), when she wasn't feeling well anymore and had an upset stomach. Then, by Tuesday, she had a slight temperature that cost her a day of school. Then today (Wednesday), she got a little better and so, she went to school. But, when I picked her up, I noticed some red spots on her neck and a little on her face too. "Chickenpox? No way", I muttered. However, my friends thought exactly the same as me. So, we went straight home after that little discussion. Did some little observation while waiting for Daddy to get back from work. As soon as he arrived, he googled and check online all about chickenpox and unfortunately, all the symptoms being said and written from the website, has sadly ticked all the boxes. Its positive, Kath got chickenpox!

How timing sucks! (I know that  my kids will eventually get chickenpox). But, who would have thought that it will fall on her birthday week? When she could have get it earlier or... later? It is annoyingly frustrating, when everything are all prepared, planned and organised then suddenly,  it came just 3 days before her party! It's her birthday, for goodness sake! And, you have no idea how disappointing it is. My princess is so sad with the thought that her party will be resume until she gets better. Yes, a birthday party is all set and ready for her this coming Saturday. But now, it is more likely that we are going to cancel it. I somehow felt guilty. But, its the best thing we can do for now and, will see how she do in the morning. If we have to re-schedule everything then, we will have do it at any cost . How I'd wish it happened earlier though, but, as the saying goes... "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". So, there we go!

On the other hand, Daddy has wrote an apology letters to distribute to the kids in her class who were invited to the party. Then, hopefully Kath will be alright and feel better soon. Now, I have to expect and be ready for my other two, for I'm pretty sure they're going to get it. Ah, looks like, it's going to be a difficult month for me. Oh well...

Here's my poor baby girl's back

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Ritchelle said...

Ouch tom is our bday baya... hope it doesn't stop her from enjoying the party :(.

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