Friday, 31 December 2010

Our growing kids

Yesterday me and hubby had a conversation about how our kids have grown over the years. Our eldest is looking a lot mature and her face is less rounder too. She just turned 9 years old and, oh dear next year she'll be in two digits age - 10 yrs old. In couple weeks time our Chan2x will be turning 5 yrs old and not long from now they'll be both asking their own cell phones and many other more cool stuff. Sad, but true! Our kids are growing and maturing each day. It only means one thing - me and hubby are getting older, haha. Anyway, we are proud parents and we will do our best to give them the best of life and most of all, good education. Ah, parenthood!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

My Chan2x's first Nativity show

Can't help to be proud of my kids accomplishment in the school. My son just started Reception and as usual they have this Nativity show and my son was chosen to be one of the narrator which is quite an important job on his age. His not even 5 yrs old but he can already read, write and has learning more about literacy as you can see his school report card. Unfortunately, we are not able to share the video because of the other kids involved in it. So, here's few photos I edited so, the other kids can't be seen on this shots but my son. He did his part really well and Daddy was even more prouder and really enjoyed the show.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Grumpy old Man...

Today, we are going to drop off the kids to their Granny and Granddad so that me and hubby can go shopping without distraction. We badly need to buy every presents we could think of as we are running out of time - 2 weeks is not that long and we hardly buy presents at all. As hubby keep saying to me yesterday how uninspired he is this year. Well, uninspired or not he is always a moaner who dislike shopping. He hates it even more now that shopping mall are bound to start the Christmas mania and its absolutely manic. He can't stand the crowd, he tends to get grumpy and I get grumpy and we end up having arguments. So, today is our chance to finish all our Christmas shopping task. The most important ones are the kids and the family because, ourselves can always wait until later maybe, when hubby's bank balance is not unhealthy anymore (I don't know when that will be:(). Poor guy, he is skint! Yes, this man I married is completely broke and has always been broke. Can't even afford to buy himself a decent pair of trouser for always putting everyone ahead before himself. But, its always "better to give than to receive", right? He sound softie, huh? That's because he's getting old [Laughed]. Well, despite him being such a grumpy old git that I have to put up with for this long, we managed to stay this long, even stronger, happier and wedded bliss. Love him to bits xoxo...

Who's more organised?

Within 9 yrs of living to this man of my life, I quite noticed of how untidy and messy he is. Is this a man thing or just my husband? Oh well, as what I've heard is, the real men are the messiest ones. I don't know where is the logic in that though but anyhow I can relate to it. Not that, I am the most organised woman on earth but I just like to be tidy at times or a room without a mess at least. But one thing he can be so organised is that when it come to his paper works (i.e important documents) where he always put them aside in to one huge folder and placed it in the corner whenever he need it. Ah, paperworks is the last thing I would want to do. I don't like papers at all. I seem to throw every paper that comes across my sight. With that being said, hubby think I would somehow need a document management in the future. Well, as soon as we move to a new house. I really need to set some time sorting out my papers because at the moment it is just everywhere:(

Thursday, 9 December 2010

My little 10 months old

A compilation of photos of my 10 months old and I love to share it here as little baby is a big boy now. I thanked God for a very healthy and active son. At 10 months william is so mobile - crawling, standing and oh so close to walking, seems he is looking forward to school and uniforms already practicing with daddy's ties and looking cool - another poser in the family emerges. Pretty much, mastering everything and with his blooming personality, he could melt everyone's heart.

Kath's snowgirl:)

As determine as bee, to make her own snowman, Kath's willingness were tested and proven year after year. Every winter, as she looks forward for the first snowfall so, she could make a "snowman" or "snowgirl" (as she prefers a female one) besides snowball fighting with younger brother! Sometimes, I wonder if this girl of mine feels any cold at all. She seems to potters along quite happily in the snow and can spend hours in it. She probably has a body that is made for cold weather. Well, I assumed so. This year has no exception - she was out there everyday of the week playing the snow and was so determine to make her own snowgirl despite of mummy's discouraging words. Well, the snow was too powdery to make one - but, with Kath's full force and strong determination she succeeded. Such a struggle it maybe but certainly enjoyed herself, regardless. Here's a couple of pictures I took right after she did it:). Smug, she was while showing to mummy her cute little snowgirl, hehe. I gave her credit for that, however.

She made it all herself:)Ate K's snowgirl

Here's a link to our ...Snow 2008 photos and here's the snow 2009 photos..,enjoy:)

X-mas shopping this weekend...

Hubby and I are going to do our Christmas shopping this weekend. Its only 16 days to Christmas and yet we haven't start buying presents for everyone. We were just discussing a while ago before he left to work about our kids presents. Kath might be a little expensive but hey, its Christmas! We can't work out what to give to our 4 yr old this year. As far as we know, he been bugging and mentioning a new Bumblebee. Ah, he is so addicted to transformer and there is no way we can change that. No matter how much I tried to convince him about xbox but still it didn't interest him at all. Looks like its going to be a Daddy's present this year. I wouldn't mind getting it for myself either. I will have to see what Father Christmas will bring me this year. It depends if he thinks I'm good enough:)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tonight's dinner...

I made some pasta for tonights dinner...its what my kids love to eat. Plus, it is easy to prepare. I steam some carrots and broccoli to go with it which I hope its nutritious enough for them. I always try my best to be the best Mum but, I know I'm not even close. Well, for my son, I'm the best Mum as long as there is food in the table ready for him to eat whenever he come home from school. Funny, how the kids mind works sometimes. Anyway, hubby won't be home in time for dinner so, we might go ahead and just put aside some food for him to microwave soon as he gets home. Often, he just grab a bite to eat on his way home. But my cooking is probably better for his diet. Ready made or fast food are consider as junks. Oh, did I just say junks? Hmmmm, as if I don't like it, lol.

Least favourite thing...

Paperworks is my least favourite thing to do and the good thing is, I have hubby to do it all for me, if possible. Like my naturalisation, hubby has been wanting me to do it for quite a while now but still I am not ready. Glad, we didn't need to go abroad or I'll be force to do it sooner. I hate it, simple as that! I can't be ask or can't be bother the hassle. One time, hubby asked me a favour if I could search via my laptop for car insurance quotes but I said "NO" because besides hating to do so, I also don't have any idea about car insurances. Too right, I didn't or he could have got the more expensive deal. So, when I have my own car (sooner), it'll be him doing all the paperworks. Yeah, that's certain! I'm that dependent:( Oh well...

Kids coming Christmas Play ...

My daughter is an angel on their Christmas show as well choir and that would be the week after. She's been practising a lot since she was given the script and lyrics and I know she'll do just as great. While my 4 yr old (Chan2x) is one of the narrator of their Nativity play and poor thing he has to memorise his lines. They sent us his lines last Friday and only few sentence away and he'll be good to go. Ah, Daddy and I, are going to take turns watching each of their play. I'll be the photographer and Daddy will be taking videos. Oh, their school Disco's and Christmas party are next week as well and, I volunteered to bring sandwiches in my son's party. I haven't heard anything about Ate Kk's one but for sure it'll be the same thing. Alright, I'm just as excited as them - can't deny that, hehe.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

baby Will first snow

On the 30th of Nov 2010 was the first day of snowfall and, its baby William's first snow ever. He wasn't happy or interested in it at all, especially when I sat him down and felt his cold wet bottom, lol. Maybe next winter he'll be up for snowball fight with "Ate and Kuya", hehe. Well, at least I got him some pictures as a remembrance and also, to go in his baby album. Here's a few snaps that I really like:)

IMG_6202 IMG_6203 IMG_6177

Android next?

Aren't we lucky to be spoiled with choices these days? When it comes to mobile, internet provider and any gadget or piece of technology you can think of, really. Just couple weeks ago when me and my friend talked about switching to android mobiles. Looking at this htc desire android made us think how smart the phone looks and its unbeatable price. Not to mention, the unlimited internet services that is being offered. Its definitely worth trying! Don't you think? Ah, as soon as my contract expire then I should be able to choose what I want. If it all means saving money then I'll certainly be going for android, no doubt!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

My only Princess @ 9 yrs old

She's amazingly beautiful inside and out and I'm truly blessed and proud as her Mother. She is my only one and my model to-be or mummy's very own Model. Not only gorgeous but also intellectual and creative. That's my girl, my Kath, my princess!

Red ties

Christmas is just around the corner and, as a mother it is my job to prepare all the outfits for that day. My girl and I will be just wearing red dresses and, there are loads to choose around. Whereas, my boys (including Daddy) are the difficult ones to buy - especially Daddy who can be very picky. But, the easiest thing to find for them are the ties and, this year they are going to wear a "Red" ones. Oh yeah, must all be Christmassy colour. And, I will make sure it'll be all ready a week before Christmas day. Also, there will be family pictorials as tradition.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Officially 10 months old

Baby will has turned 10 months old today and his milestone development are amazing. I will share some photos of him that I took today as soon as I finish downloading them. Here's a link to a babies monthly development as how your 10 months old should be...

Photos later...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Baby Will's first Christmas tree experienced

29/Nov/2010 (Sunday) - is when we went out shopping for a real Christmas tree, new ornaments and lights. Its a family tradition to have a real tree but not every Christmas though - there were couple of Christmas that we didn't wait for the real tree at all. But most of the Christmas as a family we used a real tree. And, this year is no exception - especially that it is our little fella's first Christmas tree experienced so, we made it as memorable as we can - as if, he remembers it, lol. Much more for the older ones and me, really, [laughed]. Anyway, baby Will was having a great time tested-test all the balls - as you can see most of his pictures. Everyone had a wonderful time decorating.

mummy and daddy's cute little helpersIMG_6002IMG_5997IMG_6000IMG_6088 IMG_6086 IMG_6094 IMG_6165IMG_6167IMG_6168IMG_6148 IMG_6147

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