Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Baby Will's first Christmas tree experienced

29/Nov/2010 (Sunday) - is when we went out shopping for a real Christmas tree, new ornaments and lights. Its a family tradition to have a real tree but not every Christmas though - there were couple of Christmas that we didn't wait for the real tree at all. But most of the Christmas as a family we used a real tree. And, this year is no exception - especially that it is our little fella's first Christmas tree experienced so, we made it as memorable as we can - as if, he remembers it, lol. Much more for the older ones and me, really, [laughed]. Anyway, baby Will was having a great time tested-test all the balls - as you can see most of his pictures. Everyone had a wonderful time decorating.

mummy and daddy's cute little helpersIMG_6002IMG_5997IMG_6000IMG_6088 IMG_6086 IMG_6094 IMG_6165IMG_6167IMG_6168IMG_6148 IMG_6147

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