Thursday, 9 December 2010

Kath's snowgirl:)

As determine as bee, to make her own snowman, Kath's willingness were tested and proven year after year. Every winter, as she looks forward for the first snowfall so, she could make a "snowman" or "snowgirl" (as she prefers a female one) besides snowball fighting with younger brother! Sometimes, I wonder if this girl of mine feels any cold at all. She seems to potters along quite happily in the snow and can spend hours in it. She probably has a body that is made for cold weather. Well, I assumed so. This year has no exception - she was out there everyday of the week playing the snow and was so determine to make her own snowgirl despite of mummy's discouraging words. Well, the snow was too powdery to make one - but, with Kath's full force and strong determination she succeeded. Such a struggle it maybe but certainly enjoyed herself, regardless. Here's a couple of pictures I took right after she did it:). Smug, she was while showing to mummy her cute little snowgirl, hehe. I gave her credit for that, however.

She made it all herself:)Ate K's snowgirl

Here's a link to our ...Snow 2008 photos and here's the snow 2009 photos..,enjoy:)

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