Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Kids coming Christmas Play ...

My daughter is an angel on their Christmas show as well choir and that would be the week after. She's been practising a lot since she was given the script and lyrics and I know she'll do just as great. While my 4 yr old (Chan2x) is one of the narrator of their Nativity play and poor thing he has to memorise his lines. They sent us his lines last Friday and only few sentence away and he'll be good to go. Ah, Daddy and I, are going to take turns watching each of their play. I'll be the photographer and Daddy will be taking videos. Oh, their school Disco's and Christmas party are next week as well and, I volunteered to bring sandwiches in my son's party. I haven't heard anything about Ate Kk's one but for sure it'll be the same thing. Alright, I'm just as excited as them - can't deny that, hehe.

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