Sunday, 12 December 2010

Who's more organised?

Within 9 yrs of living to this man of my life, I quite noticed of how untidy and messy he is. Is this a man thing or just my husband? Oh well, as what I've heard is, the real men are the messiest ones. I don't know where is the logic in that though but anyhow I can relate to it. Not that, I am the most organised woman on earth but I just like to be tidy at times or a room without a mess at least. But one thing he can be so organised is that when it come to his paper works (i.e important documents) where he always put them aside in to one huge folder and placed it in the corner whenever he need it. Ah, paperworks is the last thing I would want to do. I don't like papers at all. I seem to throw every paper that comes across my sight. With that being said, hubby think I would somehow need a document management in the future. Well, as soon as we move to a new house. I really need to set some time sorting out my papers because at the moment it is just everywhere:(

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