Thursday, 28 October 2010

My life, my joy, my world, my everything!

I've said it all....I'm just one proud Mama here and who wouldn't? I have everything I want in life and that's having a beautiful children - my lifetime treasures! They are my absolute breaths of fresh air. I can't imagine life without them. I'm so thankful and grateful of all the things that God have given me and most of all for my healthy kids and family.

IMG_1264 IMG_1254

Diet Pills

I haven't really tried on dieting but since there is this diet pills for sale, I am thinking to give it a go. I needed to shed at least few kilos anyway. I know comes Christmas I'll put it all back again. But, for now that I have this chance, I might as well grab it. Its not that easy to keep my regular weight especially when there is your kids around who ask for food every hour. Then, when you gave what they want, they decided to not eat it all so, I am left to finish it off. "Waste not, want not" as they saying goes. So, here I go piling on pounds ever since I gave birth to my 3rd child and been wanting to lose it all. Oh well...perseverance and motivation is what I really need. I hope to succeed this time though.

Bonding with my little one...

I've got to spend more time with my little one once the "Ate" big sister and "Kuya" big brother goes to school. It's only me and him left in the house pretty much everyday. I'm glad I have him or I would be home alone all the time. But, I know I have to make this last for I know, not long from now he'll be at school like his Ate and Kuya. I truly enjoyed my one-to-one time with him. But, I also make sure to make-up with the other two once their back home from school or during weekends.

IMG_9690 IMG_9693 IMG_9686 IMG_9694

Winter Shopping

Looks like I'm going to spend my whole day browsing for more online shopping. Ah, I am specifically looking for more sweaters as it is getting colder here already. My boys are the one who need it most. Chan2x (my middle child) have grown out most of his sweaters/jumpers and my youngest, haven't got any at all. I haven't done any winter shopping yet and so, I have to do a bit online because this weekend I will be going out shopping as hubby's promised. Ah, I can't wait to see what's the new trend on the market. I see animal prints are on this season. I'm pondering checking out some aviator coats for my daughter. Shopping is my weakness after all.

Look, who love strawberries?

Nothing much going on in our end today. Just stayed here inside the house as the weather gets colder day by day. Winter is just around the corner. But, I might take the kids out later in the afternoon. Maybe, after lunch or around 3pm. It's not looking good out there, that is why I'm a little hesitant to go outside. Oh well...

I am uploading some more photos into my Flickr album and still loads to come. Here are the newest I've done this morning. My little William eating his favourite fruit of all time.

IMG_1223 IMG_1224

He kind of like strawberries. But, I have to say, he is not a fussy eater and would eat anything that is given to him. Well, typical baby he is - who love to put everything into his mouth, whatever it is he gets hold of.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Should I say TGIF?

Before I'm going to sleep, I have to tidy up the entire house because we have someone coming to view tomorrow at 10 am. Is that early? Oh yeah, we don't have all day! Well, its too early for us, especially weekend - its time to snuggle up in the morning and get up really late, isn't it? Oh well, now I can't because we just agreed the time and 10 am it is. Alright, before I finally shut down my PC, let me remind you to click here to buy lipofuze, okay? Now, I can start my cleaning. Opps, got to finish my ironing first. Geezz, did I just try to forget it? How can I? Is there blocking the whole sitting room, I mean the pile of laundry that needed to be iron. It's mounting! A whole loads of laundry! I mean, enough to sink a battleship. Ah, I was going to say TGIF, but now I think not! [LOL]....Goodnight folks!

My Angel #3 - my baby Willy Billy!

This was taken during our trip to Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. We sat and relax after the HMS Victory tour and got some refreshment - the ice cream. Ah, what a beautiful day well spent that was! I thoroughly enjoyed our entire trip and plus I get to buy my mugs, magnets for my collection. Alright, here's me and my youngest sitting down patiently waiting for our ice cream.


Moving, moving business, I can't wait...

I jokingly said to hubby that he badly need a muscle building supplement because he's no longer Mister hunky anymore. And, he just laughed, as if, I was really joking! [LOL] Anyway, we agreed that once we moved house things will get better and easier for us. Oh well, he has a point. At the moment, we are both stressed out because we are desperately in need of space. The kids are getting to the age where 2 bedroom Flat ain't big enough anymore for them to run around. Garden is what we need! Oh, next week is going to be an exciting week for everybody. Because, we are going to offer to this house that we fall in love with. But, I hope we will get it and that will only depend to the owner if our offer is high enough to be accepted. Oh, now I'm talking! Well, me and hubby agreed to offer based on what we think is the right price for it. Well see, anyway!

First Family Studio Take

I was very vocal about this very pricey studio portrait we had but, I am quite satisfied of the outcome. Our family shot that came along with the frame is now hang up in our sitting room wall. My only criticism for this studio is, they don't really gave out the original copy of the photographs. Well, fair enough. Its their business and that is how they make money through clients who buy the prints and frame. Only that, they are very pricey and not everyone can afford it specially in today's economy. Well, we only ordered the family portrait and one each print for the kids and the 3 of them together too. Below are the photos from the Studio, I only took a photo out of a photo, lol. If you know what I mean...

IMG_8561 IMG_8566IMG_8574IMG_8571 IMG_8568

Its going to happen...

Its amazing how widely use the weight loss product nowadays. From where I am, I have known people who are taking weight loss pills as part of their daily diet. And, it works for them, so it will work for the rest of us. In one of my many previous entries, I mentioned quite a few about how my husband thought of dieting next year. He is just waiting after the house moving business then, he is going to take account of his health. Besides diet pills, he also giving a serious thought of going to the gym. But first and foremost, he ha to lose weight first by simply reducing his junkie food intakes, quit smoking and do some regular walking or cycling with us one or twice a week. Please "GOD" grant our wish to get that house we want. Then, we can all start living a healthy lifestyle in a less stressful house. That's my only wish...

The Forex Seminars

To those who are interested to see how the Forex training seminars went then, this is the website for you to reach out. Investors, clients and to whoever maybe interested to see the outcome of this seminars. This was their first Annual conference that was held in Dallas. Looks like a memorable event that was attended by so many people. So, to those who wanted to see the photos, link and etc then, the link had been pasted above.

So, so much for that. Now, I gotta think what to fix for lunch. It's already quarter passed 11 and the kids are already moaning about their rambling stomach. So, I gotta get off now and I'll be back in a few hours for more updates.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Will the long wait be over soon?

I never get to this point in life that sleeping pills is a must-have. I am quite lucky to have my sleeping pattern properly maintained. Sleeping routine for my children are strictly imposed too. But, our Daddy is the one who get less sleeps night after night. He tend to stay up really late, either working on the computer or watching television. I don't really like it and I've tried stopping him sometimes by taking him to bed with me earlier in the evening. Some nights it work but some nights he just couldn't sleep at all. I guess, he is stressed man. But, it will all change once we are done this moving business. He wanted to have the bigger house for the family and all that. Then, he will at ease after and will start his dieting, exercise and quit his bad habit - the smoking, as promise. After many years, he's definitely giving it a serious thought. It'll be the best birthday gift for me and, I'll be the happiest wife on earth.

Kath and Chan2x's first term achievement

My kids got their first term achievement and I'm so proud of them both. Kath handed me today her very first award for this school year while Chan2x earn many stickers awards from their class teachers. Today is their last day of the school summer term and Autumn is just about to start. They have 11 days of no school (half-term break) so, I will have to think of a better place to take them as their treats besides toys. Ah, I couldn't be more proud of my kids. They do really well in school. I do hope they'll keep up their good works until the end of their schooling. I will share some pics next time...

Friday, 15 October 2010

Getting qualified and fulfill my dream...

Its been my long time dream to work in the bank. Would I still have the chance or time to pursue a banking jobs career? This is the question that needed answer. I'm already in my late 20's under graduate and no degree. But, according to hubby I still have the time to study and pursue my dream. The only problem is, I need someone I can rely on taking care of my kids while I go to school. With that being said, Hubby and I plan to get my sister over for 6 months. Then, she can help me look after my kids and do the household chores too. Beside all that, I want to show her what life I have in here in UK. I want her to experienced what is life being in the UK. It ain't easy as they thought it is. I have to get up and do my daily routine such as making breakfast for the kids before I send them to school and a lot more. And the same time, I want to show her the career opportunity that UK can offer. And, I hope that would be enough reason for her to think of going back to school and finish her studies. Life is simply a matter of choice! Like me, I so regret that I didn't finish my studies when I had a chance before. Now, I am so determine and focus to get myself some qualifications. As the saying goes, "Its better late than never". Therefore, I have to take some entrance examinations as early as January so I could start schooling by April 2011. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chan2x's Last day as a half day pupil

Its my Chan2x's last day of being half day tomorrow. Monday, the next week, he is going to start as a full time. At last, I can have a longer nap with my youngest at home before I go pick my older two. They both will finish at 3pm everyday so, I'll have quite a time to bond with my little one. I know, not long from now, this little fella will start schooling again. Time certainly flies!

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to have lunch with Chan2x at school but, thats only if I can find somewhat to baby sit my baby Will for half an hour. If not, then I'll have to pass lunching with my 4 yr old. Shame, really! Oh well, I though school would provide creche like they usually do couple years ago but unfortunately, they don't have one this time. So, I find it hard to attend meetings and any other open activities without child minder. I hope they can sort it out soon, because I do want to watch the Reception's coming Nativity show. I would not miss it for sure.

Spy Nanny Cams

Hidden cameras are a must-have these days. Well, it is highly recommended to every household, not only to those wealthy people but for everyone else as well. Its always wise to be safe and aware with the things around us. That is why nanny cams are so in, today. Children are number 1 priority for protection. Their innocence are attracting strangers therefore, its better safe than sorry. Especially to those people who hired Nanny's, helper or maid. Off our eyes, we will never know what will happen. So, let us protect our family by simply installing spy cameras as it is indeed very useful. Ours will be installed once we get to our new house. I'll so look forward to that piece of gadget. I'm not a wussy only I think about my family's safety. We'll never know what's gonna happen, right. So yeah, spy cameras are not just an ordinary gadget. It is undoubtedly brilliant piece of electronics that will certainly protect our family's life and belongings. Always things of safety first!

Baby Will first tooth

My youngest, baby Willy Billy had his first tooth grow out. It was few nights ago (just couple days after he turned 8 months old) when I first noticed a tiny hint of sharpness on the top of his bottom left side of the gum. I knew it straight away it was his tooth. Couple nights before I noticed it, he was a bit cranky and always want to lax on to me all night, restless and sleepless unless I'm beside him. Ah, now he's having his first tooth. It's amazing to be able to noticed it. He's my 3rd child and the only one that I am able to see the very first tooth that came out. Its totally fascinating! I'm overwhelmed with the experienced. With my other two, I didn't know and I only noticed it when its already half way out. Unbelievable experienced. As a mother I am in total awe!

Ticket to Branson

Branson tickets is what my friends showed to me while we video chatted the other night. I was jealous but at the same time so happy for her and her family. My only wish is, for me and my family to do the same thing next year. Ah, I know there are other things that we have to prioritised such as, kids schooling, house moving and etc. I'll just have to see and wait what the next year would bring us. Who knows, one of my wishes would actually be granted. We'll never know what luck can bring. Good thing will come to those who wait. After all, the most important thing is, our family's health and safety, all the time. Anyway, goodluck to my friends and I hope they'll enjoy the Branson.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

@ 8 months old (3rd Oct 2010)

Our baby Will is another month old (8 months, to be precise), hooray! As they say, it is the land of fall and bumps, however; baby Will already experienced his first bumps and bruised at just 7 months old. And, I wasn't proud of that! But, I was glad it healed pretty quickly. Okay, last month he learned so many things such as; clapping hands, high five, pulling himself to standing position, getting up into sitting position, crawling backwards, repeating his act when applauded, he repeats emotions, like, he cry when he see's his Kuya or Ate crying, he laugh when he hears us laughing too. He also learned few tricks like, throwing, banging, shaking or dropping toys and many more. Ah, he is just a joy to watch! Anyway, this months is another full of excitement. I'll just have to restrain my inner desire for being so over protective and let him discover his limits. Remember, each baby is unique and meets physical milestones at their own pace. Oh, had his first 2 tooth at 8 months old!

Here few pics I took...
our little 8 mo's oldIMG_2109 IMG_2106 IMG_2015 IMG_2059IMG_2143 exactly 8 mos old - happy lil fella!

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