Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Simple yet the best gift...I can offer

Buying a present for hubby is a daunting task. His picky and snob personality made it all very difficult to buy a gift for. Unless, I've got a fat wad of cash and for sure it won't be such a struggle anymore. I know exactly what he wants and it cost hundreds of pounds (if not thousands) and, at the moment I haven't got that much. I'm literally penny less every day. So, he just have to wait the day when I'll finally have the luck for lottery jackpot then I can definitely splash an E-JAG sports classic car for him. But for now, he just have to bare with this little unique valentines day gifts for him or nothing at all. Well, the best present I can offer is love and always. Eww, sounds corny! But, its true! Anyway, I better start buying lottery, haha.

Another water baby...

What it is with the baby why they love water so much? My little one has been fascinated with the water since he was only few months old. And this little fascination turn into obsession as he grows that whenever he hears a tap running he listen the sounds and find it. Then you'll see a smug smile from him with contentment. Oh, you should see how happy he is during bath time. Such an amazing thing to see a baby grown, changed, learn new things day by day. So blessed to be 3 times a mother. Do I want more? Nope, 3 is more than I can cope for, haha. Education are not going to be cheap either! We're already struggling, haha.

IMG_6905 IMG_6915 IMG_6922

Disability Insurance

Just passed midnight here and I'm still wide awake. I got up because I remember few important thing that need to be done before morning come. And, social security disability insurance is one of it. Well, we are kind of looking for every possible insurances that we can apply at the moment. We've done the few that we felt a must-have such as life insurance, house insurance and with few others too. Insurances are quite useful in many ways. Yes, it'll cost us/you but its worth getting or investing one as we can never tell whats going to happen in the near future. At least we know we have something to fall back on to, right? Must secure our future for come what may!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Couldn't be more blessed:)

I may not have all the wealth in the world but I've got the most precious and priceless treasures that can't be taken away from me ever. A loving husband and healthy kids are more than wealth to me. I couldn't be more blessed:)
IMG_8327 IMG_8350 couldn't be more blessed:)IMG_8342 IMG_8339

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Pretty busy...

I am so occupied lately with many things here and there. I spent most of my time window shopping, online browsing for home furnitures and stuff. And guess what? Today, I found the display cabinet that I really wanted and oh the price is quite shocking. Well, its on sale but still is quite pricey but for sure it'll be a quality as it is in Collingwood Bachelor. I'm excited to tell hubby as soon as he comes back from work. On the other hand, I saw a similar piece of furniture but slightly wider and for only 80% less than the first one I found. Quite interesting to see it on actual to see what its made for because if it is not made of solid oak then we're not interested as hubby dislikes pine wood. Anyway, besides all that stuff, I am also looking for a quality glass tile because I am pondering on redecorating our bathroom anytime soon. Yeah, too many things to take care lately and thats what keep me busy. I have so little time on facebooking - only upload our recent pics in my spare time and even then I had to run and leave it while uploading. Ah, can't wait for our end to get less mad. I'm too excited and can't wait for that big moment - a month seems too long!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Christian is turning 5...

Happy 5th Birthday my son, Christian!

Its about to be 5 years since I gave birth to my very first son, Christian. Tomorrow, is going to be his natal day! I'll officially be a mum to 5 yr old boy. How exciting! What can I say? I'm proud and happy to be a Mother of this handsome fella. He is already in Reception and doing very well. Thanks God for a healthy, happy and smart son!

These photos was when he was exactly 2 months old....

my first boy is turning 5when he was 2 months oldat 2 mo's old Christian

Now, I am off to finish wrapping his presents...

Cebu Festival

My sisters have their arms covered with tatoos as they celebrated the Cebu Sinulog festival. Looks like they're going to need tattoo removal cream after that. Although my family don't practice Sinulog festival though but still my sister are young enough to be tempted with all these fun in the city. Time will come when they will have enough of it and will focus on to more serious things in life like their future perhaps. For now, my parents just let them have fun and enjoy while their young years last. They'll changed as they mature just like how I changed over the years. When your young, all you think is having fun but you'll eventually reach to the certain aged where you'd think that life isn't just about happy go lucky. You would eventually think of what the future holds for you, the tomorrow, your future obligation and responsibilities in life as we all have it waiting ahead - but for youngster, life is but a party! Okay...might as well take all your time for it only come once.

Cute little Keekee

This was about 4 years ago when my little Kath was only just 5 yrs old. She was chunky but the cutest. I love chunky babies! Back then she was a little brat and still is occasionally towards her younger siblings especially to Christian. Part of it is that, she had us all for the first 4 years. Plus, my parents and siblings had all their eyes only to her. But, she is our little darling and always will be.

DSC00121 DSC00122 DSC00124

Who's piling pounds?

We are not rich and never will be. My husband is just an ordinary guy but with an extraordinary heart. He works his butt off just to provide all the basic needs of his family which is food clothes and shelter. He is a tight man - well, he doesn't have that much spare to spend but when it comes to food, he'll certainly buy the yummiest food though not all the healthiest. But if we go grocery shopping together I'll always make sure to grab some fruit and vegetables and some other healthy goodies. Though, to be fair to him, he often does healthy groceries no matter how pricey it is. Money has no value if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. After all, health is wealth! Did I just say that? Well, as you can all see, hubby is a little bit chunky and piling pounds in the last couple years. So, just like everyone - I'd say he could lose a bit of weight. He has a very stressful work which is the big contributor to his weight gain. Soon enough he'll be going back to his dieting again, as promise. Anyway, I hate to say this but I think he would be better off with some diet pills for the start, don't you think? Well, I'll search online for the best one anyway. Do you think the Diet pill outlet will be the cheaper place to buy bulk? Sounded like it will be! I'll find it out...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

From hubby with ♥

I was not expecting any of these last Christmas and birthday but hubby insisted to get me a little something to open so, how could I say no? Besides, this Ipod touch is his winning from Chan2x's school raffles so, he only spend about a £1 for the raffles and fortunately won the first prize. How he got so lucky? Then, on my birthday he bought me this Ipod Doc that turns radio and internet. Its a pretty cool thing and I am very lucky for a wonderful husband all these years.

IMG_7489 a lil something from hubby because my main present is yet to come, haha.

Old and Struggling

Hubby's computer is already old and is as slow as snail. Struggling to do anything with it. He definitely need a new desktop computers soon as it is about to collapse anytime. His laptop are only for his works no internet allowed in it. He can't used my laptop either for I am on it 24/7, lol. Yes, he can't wait to buy a new one but that will only happen once we move to a bigger house. That alone made him all excited and I can see how desperate he is because every now and then he keeps browsing for new desktop online. Ah, things should get easier for us in a few weeks time. We keep on waiting........:) " Patience is a virtue " after all.

Addicted to DS games

Kath was 7 yrs old when she first got her DS lite and just this Christmas she got a new one from us. This time she got the DSi XL and part of it was her giving Christian her old one. She got 2 games along with it - a Super Mario brothers and Tinkerbel but it seems Mario brothers is the popular one. Her and Chan2x got so addicted that they can play 24/7 if given a chance. Goodness, how can they'd be so into it for just a week? Daddy has now given them a slot when they are allowed to play it. They don't even bat an eyelid when I took their photos, lol.


Education is a-must

Oftentimes, me and my daughter talks about what she want to become when she grow up. Before, she used to say that she don't know yet but lately she have told me that she wanted to be a teacher. I was like, what? I know its the noblest among the profession out there but, I think she can be more than that. Well, its always her choice after all. Anyway, teaching degrees could have been better for my sister but she got broody and stop. Now, she is a Mother to a beautiful boy and there is nothing more precious than becoming a mother, right? But, she could have continue her studies at the same time. Being pregnant should not be a hindrance to stop studying. At least that way, she could still be productive whilst her belly is growing but it is easy said than done. What the young people didn't see these days is the importance of education, that getting some qualifications are a-must and it should be taken for granted so when time comes there will be no regret. Standing to your feet even if you are a single mother won't be that difficult once you are qualified. Many of the jobs nowadays requires high education or give it to someone who are more qualified . I, on the other hand has no degree and no qualifications but I am fortunate enough to get a job. But still, I would persistently argue that education should be strictly impose especially to our kids. For me, stopping is never an option! I will not give them a choice. They will finish their studies - like it or not!

True Meaning of Christmas

~Remember that love weighs more than gold ~
Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

~The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.~
Burton Hillis

A gift of a happy family was more than I could ask for...I am grateful that all these things are given to me. I may not have all the money in the world but I've got what I need to live happily in this world. As they say, "Money can't buy happiness". Christmas is a celebration of our God's birth - love and forgiveness! Nothing more...

IMG_7447 IMG_7408 IMG_7427 IMG_7443IMG_7510 IMG_7486 IMG_7416

Priority comes first...

When talking about shopping you can always count me in! I ♥ shopping and I'm sure every woman does. Having said that, I am planning to go shopping this weekend. I haven't really done any shopping at all knowing that January sale is the biggest sale here in Britain. The reason for that is, I am totally broke and can't afford anything these days. Clothes is not my priority these days. There are more important things than clothes. Moving house, kids education and food are out top priority at the moment. Well, since its my son's birthday soon, we are looking to buy him a special present. Best Buy has what my son wish for. Hubby and I already decided that he should get this specific gadget because he is doing so great at school. Besides, he a very well-behaved this year and it is just right to give him a special something as his birthday present. Nothing can be more rewarded than a great school report.. It is more than what we could ask for.

Monday, 3 January 2011

11 month old baby William

He started walking at 10 months old!


Yes, he is just a month away from his big 1, how time flies! My little baby is becoming a toddler all of a sudden:( but, I am honestly happy and thankful that he is all healthy, normally developing and reaching another stage of his life. Even more now that he is officially walking. [He did his very first step on the 29th of Dec 2010 - Wednesday- 5 days before he turn 11 months old]. Well, looks like this month is going to be another new whole exciting adventure for him. He seems so keen on getting more into his feet these days and desperately wanting to explore more .I can definitely see another adventurous and fun-filled fella in the making. Can't really wait for the spring/summer to come to show my little guy how beautiful world it is. We have done and shown him few exciting places already but I know that for now and for many years to come, WE are his world. But, as he gets older he'll appreciate all this things better.

@ exactly 11 mo's oldIMG_7754 IMG_7767 @ exactly 11 months old @ exactly 11 months old

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