Monday, 3 January 2011

11 month old baby William

He started walking at 10 months old!


Yes, he is just a month away from his big 1, how time flies! My little baby is becoming a toddler all of a sudden:( but, I am honestly happy and thankful that he is all healthy, normally developing and reaching another stage of his life. Even more now that he is officially walking. [He did his very first step on the 29th of Dec 2010 - Wednesday- 5 days before he turn 11 months old]. Well, looks like this month is going to be another new whole exciting adventure for him. He seems so keen on getting more into his feet these days and desperately wanting to explore more .I can definitely see another adventurous and fun-filled fella in the making. Can't really wait for the spring/summer to come to show my little guy how beautiful world it is. We have done and shown him few exciting places already but I know that for now and for many years to come, WE are his world. But, as he gets older he'll appreciate all this things better.

@ exactly 11 mo's oldIMG_7754 IMG_7767 @ exactly 11 months old @ exactly 11 months old

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