Sunday, 16 January 2011

Cebu Festival

My sisters have their arms covered with tatoos as they celebrated the Cebu Sinulog festival. Looks like they're going to need tattoo removal cream after that. Although my family don't practice Sinulog festival though but still my sister are young enough to be tempted with all these fun in the city. Time will come when they will have enough of it and will focus on to more serious things in life like their future perhaps. For now, my parents just let them have fun and enjoy while their young years last. They'll changed as they mature just like how I changed over the years. When your young, all you think is having fun but you'll eventually reach to the certain aged where you'd think that life isn't just about happy go lucky. You would eventually think of what the future holds for you, the tomorrow, your future obligation and responsibilities in life as we all have it waiting ahead - but for youngster, life is but a party! Okay...might as well take all your time for it only come once.

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