Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Education is a-must

Oftentimes, me and my daughter talks about what she want to become when she grow up. Before, she used to say that she don't know yet but lately she have told me that she wanted to be a teacher. I was like, what? I know its the noblest among the profession out there but, I think she can be more than that. Well, its always her choice after all. Anyway, teaching degrees could have been better for my sister but she got broody and stop. Now, she is a Mother to a beautiful boy and there is nothing more precious than becoming a mother, right? But, she could have continue her studies at the same time. Being pregnant should not be a hindrance to stop studying. At least that way, she could still be productive whilst her belly is growing but it is easy said than done. What the young people didn't see these days is the importance of education, that getting some qualifications are a-must and it should be taken for granted so when time comes there will be no regret. Standing to your feet even if you are a single mother won't be that difficult once you are qualified. Many of the jobs nowadays requires high education or give it to someone who are more qualified . I, on the other hand has no degree and no qualifications but I am fortunate enough to get a job. But still, I would persistently argue that education should be strictly impose especially to our kids. For me, stopping is never an option! I will not give them a choice. They will finish their studies - like it or not!

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