Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Pretty busy...

I am so occupied lately with many things here and there. I spent most of my time window shopping, online browsing for home furnitures and stuff. And guess what? Today, I found the display cabinet that I really wanted and oh the price is quite shocking. Well, its on sale but still is quite pricey but for sure it'll be a quality as it is in Collingwood Bachelor. I'm excited to tell hubby as soon as he comes back from work. On the other hand, I saw a similar piece of furniture but slightly wider and for only 80% less than the first one I found. Quite interesting to see it on actual to see what its made for because if it is not made of solid oak then we're not interested as hubby dislikes pine wood. Anyway, besides all that stuff, I am also looking for a quality glass tile because I am pondering on redecorating our bathroom anytime soon. Yeah, too many things to take care lately and thats what keep me busy. I have so little time on facebooking - only upload our recent pics in my spare time and even then I had to run and leave it while uploading. Ah, can't wait for our end to get less mad. I'm too excited and can't wait for that big moment - a month seems too long!

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