Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Priority comes first...

When talking about shopping you can always count me in! I ♥ shopping and I'm sure every woman does. Having said that, I am planning to go shopping this weekend. I haven't really done any shopping at all knowing that January sale is the biggest sale here in Britain. The reason for that is, I am totally broke and can't afford anything these days. Clothes is not my priority these days. There are more important things than clothes. Moving house, kids education and food are out top priority at the moment. Well, since its my son's birthday soon, we are looking to buy him a special present. Best Buy has what my son wish for. Hubby and I already decided that he should get this specific gadget because he is doing so great at school. Besides, he a very well-behaved this year and it is just right to give him a special something as his birthday present. Nothing can be more rewarded than a great school report.. It is more than what we could ask for.

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