Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Simple yet the best gift...I can offer

Buying a present for hubby is a daunting task. His picky and snob personality made it all very difficult to buy a gift for. Unless, I've got a fat wad of cash and for sure it won't be such a struggle anymore. I know exactly what he wants and it cost hundreds of pounds (if not thousands) and, at the moment I haven't got that much. I'm literally penny less every day. So, he just have to wait the day when I'll finally have the luck for lottery jackpot then I can definitely splash an E-JAG sports classic car for him. But for now, he just have to bare with this little unique valentines day gifts for him or nothing at all. Well, the best present I can offer is love and always. Eww, sounds corny! But, its true! Anyway, I better start buying lottery, haha.

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