Sunday, 16 January 2011

Who's piling pounds?

We are not rich and never will be. My husband is just an ordinary guy but with an extraordinary heart. He works his butt off just to provide all the basic needs of his family which is food clothes and shelter. He is a tight man - well, he doesn't have that much spare to spend but when it comes to food, he'll certainly buy the yummiest food though not all the healthiest. But if we go grocery shopping together I'll always make sure to grab some fruit and vegetables and some other healthy goodies. Though, to be fair to him, he often does healthy groceries no matter how pricey it is. Money has no value if you have an unhealthy lifestyle. After all, health is wealth! Did I just say that? Well, as you can all see, hubby is a little bit chunky and piling pounds in the last couple years. So, just like everyone - I'd say he could lose a bit of weight. He has a very stressful work which is the big contributor to his weight gain. Soon enough he'll be going back to his dieting again, as promise. Anyway, I hate to say this but I think he would be better off with some diet pills for the start, don't you think? Well, I'll search online for the best one anyway. Do you think the Diet pill outlet will be the cheaper place to buy bulk? Sounded like it will be! I'll find it out...

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