Thursday, 24 February 2011

Happiness is what matters the most...

With my first child, couple months after I was skinny as twig, no scratching marks, no cellulites - it was like I didn't have a child or I haven't gotten pregnant at all. But, little did I care about my body on that time anyway. Then shockingly enough I've grown so much (widely) after my 2nd child as I put nearly 60 pounds during my pregnancy, nearly twice as much as the weight I put on during my first pregnancy. But then, who would have thought I've lost it all 6 months after I had my son (Christian)? I was nursing him (breasfeeding) and he latching-on day and night, pretty much 24/7 and that alone has helped me get back into my regular weight so easily and quickly without using any weight loss pills. Yes, I was that lucky until I had my youngest, baby William. Imagine, how much weight I gained with my 2nd child? Then, it's 12lbs more with baby William but ,its apparently normal for a third pregnancy. But I expected to lose weight the same period of time however, I failed for until now I haven't completely back in my regular size yet. Not that easy anymore especially that I'm surrounded with friends who are great cook. Plus, partying every week (food feasting) ain't helping at all. Not a soda drink either. But then, I'm happier and I get less homesickness too. So, that's all it matters really.

Moments avec mes enfants

Motherhood is priced
Of God, at price no man may dare
To lessen or misunderstand.
~Helen Hunt Jackson

I'm nowhere perfect but I always give my best and so far its great. I love being a mother and wouldn't swap it for the world. Being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me - my kids are my greatest treasure in life. I love them all, fairly - no favourites. I praised them whenever they do good and will tell them off whenever they do wrong. They're not spoiled either - whatever they have (toys/gadgets) is/was a reward for their good behaviour.

IMG_9505 IMG_9480with my 2nd born baby

Grown don't mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? What's that suppose to mean? In my heart it don't mean a thing. ~Toni Morrison

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. ~Marion C. Garretty

Giving thermogenesis a try...

It has been pretty miserable weather we had lately but today we got lucky for Mister Sunshine is out all day. So, dragged the kids out to the park early this morning. Well, wasn't that early for most people (quarter passed 10) but for us/me it was. Supposedly taking baby Will to weigh but for some reason I completely lost track of days, I thought today is Wednesday but obviously not, lol. So, missed it till next Wednesday again. It has been a while since the last time I took him. Oh well, we had a nice time at the park instead, burning some fats out while playing around with the kids. Also, we had a little run this morning on our way there - so, that should count as exercise. I have been making sure that me and my kids are active every spring and summer - its the only time of the year that we can be. I'd wish hubby was with us though but since he works pretty much everyday and only on weekends when he is able to join us doing activities. Having said that, he is about to start his dieting for he badly need to lose a lot of weight. Having a stressful work and life, a fit and healthy body is a must. I might suggest him this thermogenesis thingy - he should at least give it a try, might be good for him. Hopefully soon he'll do what he promised as I'm getting so worried of his health. A person itself (except the kids) has the only right to look after their health, no one else. If hubby will do his diet and lost weight, I'll be the happiest wife alive.

Friday, 18 February 2011

its Mother's day soon...

Mother's day 2010

Above is our photo last Mummy's day with my elder two. Little Willy was asleep then and so he missed our photoshoot. I was still swollen from giving birth - it was just over a month since I had my William. Nevertheless, I was all happy goofing around the camera with my Kath and Chan2x. We had so much fun making silly faces. Glad it all came out good! Another memories to behold!

Btw, I can't wait for another Mother's day. It'll be in couple weeks time - though hubby is a bit fed up buying gifts. He said, it never ends, lol.

Beauty and Body tips...

Talking about weight loss, I've lost a few pounds since I last weighed myself and that was few months ago. Huh, who said losing weight is easy? Well, to those who are naturally skinny and slim then maybe it is easy but for me who have a potential to grow wide it is hard especially when there are tons of food around. I wouldn't say its easy though because I believe that if you keep on eating more than your body needs then you'll eventually grow bigger and bigger. For many people I know, they tend to control their food intake and I wouldn't believe when people talked about how much they ate and still didn't gain any weight at all. Let them live with me and I'll feed them loads and see if they will never put a pounds. I'll put money on it that they will. So, lets not talk BS here for we all know that our weight depends on how we eat. It is exactly the same on how we control our facial look. If we overtired ourselves and sleep less night after night then dark circles will eventually develop under our eyes. When/If it will, we'll panic and asked, how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes? Its a simple answer, take a regular sleep at least 8 hours a night as its a-must for human being - then, for sure you won't get dark circles under your eyes. If you do then it is pure ageing. And, I would recommend you to get a special cream for it. Aren't we lucky for there are lots of alternative solution these days. Looking great ain't necessarily mean spending tons of money. Regular exercise, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are the prime factor.

Taller and Slender

Its only last year spring when I realised that my baby girl has grown widely and so I did something about it. Every after school I walked them around the neighbourhood with their scooters. I stopped giving them snack after 6pm and also lessen their bread intake as well as junks. No sweets, no crisp! All healthy and in proper meal and snack time not just nibbles whenever they feel like it or I feel like it. I strictly imposed a routine with her and to her younger brother too. And hey, it worked! Kath has grown taller and slender for the past 8 months and I'm so happy of the outcome - its a reward for our hard work, its priceless. Kath is now much happier and confident plus healthy and so active mentally and physically. My son is also looking a lot better and has shred a few pounds too. How delightful to see my kids looking well! Here's few recent photo of my growing princess...

IMG_8703 IMG_8704 IMG_8705

Natural Remedies

Why people tend to get so worried when acne landed on their faces? I tend to get acne's month after month specially during my period but I never worry because I know there are always a natural acne remedies that I can rely on. As long as I don't pick it or scratch it then acne will never leave a scarce or mark. Unlike when I was teenager my face was once covered with acnes and I even picked some of it that is why I have few marks on my face that will never fade no matter what different cream I've used. Lucky for I've learnt and will apply it when my daughter get to an age that she'll need an advice regarding beauty essentials and beautiful tips. Washing our face along with a natural acne remedy is simply the best solution.

When baby Will turned 1...

Above is the montage I made from my baby's first birthday celebration via OTM. These pics and video compiled are taken from my compact digital camera. So, thought its the easiest way to share it. I happily captured my youngest priceless moments. Ah, such a treasure to behold!

For big sissy...

Is looking for avesil side effects right now. I am really pondering on getting some diet pills for my sister back in Philippines as she struggling to lose weight after her only daughter and that was like 11 yrs ago? Oh my, is that long already? Well, just looking at her recent photos and looks like she's putting more pounds. How can that be? She's is so stress of her work and life so that is not a big help for her. She ain't coping it well. So, that's part of her rapid gain weight. A diet pills could help her lose weight as she really need to get back in form so she could gain her confidence back and live a happy life again.

Presents as tall as him..


As expected Chan2x got a pile of presents from his friends and the biggest one in the bottom pile is from Ate Gail and it's his favourite. Never mind the quality here its the quantity that counts, lol. For a 5 yr old boy - its certainly is. He was the happiest celebrant on earth that Daddy thrown a party for him and was able to invite all his classmates. He asked if he can have another party next year when he's 6 and Daddy said, No just a small party in the new house.

Who's cool and hip?

How do you guys like hip hop clothes? Looking back when I was a teenager I wear nothing but hip and trendy kind of clothing. It was my thing back then and I really believed I looked cool. Well, obviously I did on that time but now I am more into lady type of clothes. Now, I am more on dress, skirts and tights. But I still there are days when I want to be just comfortable and wear tee-shirt and jeans. Nothing is more comfy than that - its what most people wear everyday. Talking about hip-hop clothing, I think my son is up for it. He's already have a sensible taste of fashion and once he'll pick a clothes when we are out shopping, I can't argue him anymore. He definitely has his own mind unlike couple years ago when I can just grab any clothes I fancy for him. Oh, gone are those days!

The Party Album...

Thanked God, I have at least done my son's online photo album. Here's my Christian's 5th birthday photos with the family, friends and classmates. You might notice some of the photos are not viewable that's because hubby asked me not to share it in public as some of the parents didn't permit us to. Well, you can obviously view my kids and my friends kids too. The album content of 143 photos and 1 video in total, so far. I still have to upload few more video clips but for the meantime this will do. Also, if you carry on browsing my Flick, you'll be able to see my youngest very 1st birthday but don't worry as I am about to share it here in my next entry. So, bare with me for a sec...

Here's some photos from my son's 5th birthday party at Oakwood Blue Leisure....

IMG_8691 IMG_8812 IMG_8820 IMG_8822 IMG_8782

Degree Opportunity

The other night me and hubby talked about his job and the new staff he interviewed recently. And for some reason, I asked him if ever I apply a job within his region would he be able to interview me or would his company allowed him to interview me? His answer was this..."No, because I would only be interviewing people in management jobs as I am a senior" it means, he's not interviewing my sort of level. Then I proceeded why he is doing interview with the new cleaner? He said, he's only doing a favour as the woman who supposed to do this job was ill (caught a flu) and on a sick leave. After our conversation, I thought of pursuing a degree but have to decided what would I love to do in the future. I'm not getting younger and so is hubby so at least if he retire I can still carry on working even if its not as much as he earn. I'm hoping to start and enroll myself to grab the chance while I still have time as opportunity only come once.

Kuya Chan2x's big 5

Time flies! How many weeks since my son's 5th birthday party and yet I haven't done uploading all his photos and videos. Well, I have uploaded most of the photos but only couple of video clips I've done so far. I think I have to take less pics next time because I can't help to upload it all whether its a good shot or bad. Little do I care! All I know are the captured moments. Anyway, here's the videos I've uploaded in OTM but there are hundreds of clips more to keep on watching for the my next updates.

Monday, 14 February 2011

No gift for him yet...

Hubby is looking to buy a new computer desk top and that would be right after we move. Gosh, not that long really - couple more weeks to go. I offered him a gateway desktops as his valentines gift but he refused because he is pondering on something else. Well, as long as mine is all wrapped up and ready for me in the morning:). I'm not expecting too much here just a box and all wrap up, lol. Anyway, I am still not sure what to give to my bana labs - I don't even have a card for him yet. I will stop by to the shops on my way back home after sending the kids to school in the morning since hubby are going to work and won't be home until 6pm so, I still have time to think and buy at least a little something to open tomorrow. Ah, ins't a man should only give something to a woman on V-day? If it is then at least I am covered if I'll come home with empty hand in the morning.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

So mobile at 1 wonder why my baby is so skinny because he will never sit still. He would literally go from one thing to another. Climb up and down like a Yoyo. Tiring he is but loving it! His cuteness pays the murders. Anyway, he has been thin since birth. He didn't really get so chubby as I want him to be but as long as he is healthy, moving and happy then I have nothing to worry about. He definitely inherit his Daddy's skinny legs and arms and good thing he didn't inherit the big fat belly as well, haha. Daddy hasn't got that fat thighs and arms like other fat Dude out there - but has got a big tummy like Humpty Dumpty, lol. Anyway, my little "pangga bebe" is so skinny but actively moving all around the PAD and happily interacting with anybody. The midwife's and GP said he looks so well and okay. So, I should stop worrying about his weight. By the way, here's a series of video I captured lately of baby love William moving and walking like a chimpanzee.

Next term ASC

After school club are on all year round. There are free and there are some that we also need to pay. I have registered Kath in Karate since last year but we stopped going because of my winter fright ( I'm scared walking in the dark) and the freezing weather - cold its just not my thing. But, springtime Kath will start joining more clubs again as well as Christian. Daddy is pondering of Hockey for Kath, gardening and Choir. Christian would love to be in the Rugby but he is still young to join. Its a shame there is no baseball club - would have been awesome for him to start on. I just fancy getting this personalized baseball bats and some other cool stuff for him. Oh well, I'll see what the school got to offer for him this spring. I'm sure there will be a couple to choose from. Its usually from Monday-Friday but this term they offer more on indoors activities. Christian prefers outdoors really. Nah, I shall see whats on!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Pianist in the making...

--->Even Beethoven started somewhere:) - a flickr friend's comment in this video, lol.

"While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt"
is simply to relax and enjoy life while we can....happy weekend:)

Always Grateful

It is blemen cold month of February and it definitely lessen my mode to go out doing errands. The wind is frightful enough to make me stay home and do bu***r all. Whoopsy daisy! This is supposed to be a blog for my kids and not my rantings. Anyway, I am so excited for the next month and because of that I am starting to look for a new kitchen lighting as I'll be decorating our place. Oh, did I just say "I"? I rephrase it, "HE" meaning hubby. He'll do the decorating and I'll do the organising. Does it sound fair? Well, I have no talent when it comes to mending and decorating house. I have idea but doing it in actual is my biggest failure. I certainly didn't get my Father's talent. I am only good of giving orders and commands, haha. It is what I am born with so be it. Anyway, I am truly excited and can't wait - as I believe with God grace this year will be a great year. We deserve to have a good year really. Ah, I am just grateful and always will:) as what Sarah Ban Breathnach quoted.."Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need".

Cute little Tantrum

Baby Will's cute little tantrum couple weeks ago when we visited Grandma and Grandpa. He is like this when upset - so adorable ain't it? Reminds me of my older two when they were this same age. Isn't it supposed to be terrible 2?. Not to baby Will as he started a little bit early before he even turn 1. Does it mean that he'll will finish early too. Hmm, I shall hope so...

She's into Silver

My sister in-law is into silver. Most of her accessories are made of silver. Never meet anyone like her who's mind is set into things. Well, her liking silver made us all happy as it is so easy to get her a present on any occasions. For sure she's got loads of silver in her jewelry boxes as it is what the family tends to get her most of the occasions. So, since she is obsesses with this stuff I thought why not drop a conversation regarding on investing into silver coins. It might be good for her to get into something that she love - buy and sell business. She should invest her money and buy silver coins instead of putting it all to the bank. I know it has interest growth every year but she could double it up or even triple by setting up a business. Well, I will see her tomorrow so perhaps I should try mentioning it and see whats her respond.

Cute little Donkey

My little one wore this cute Donkey custome (was Kuya's outfit on their Christmas church concert) found it on the floor picked it up and put it on my youngest son. Oh, he looked super cute. He got fed up after few minutes and took it off but already took pictures of him anyway. Ah, more memories to keep!

IMG_7972 IMG_7975 IMG_7974 IMG_7973

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