Friday, 18 February 2011

Beauty and Body tips...

Talking about weight loss, I've lost a few pounds since I last weighed myself and that was few months ago. Huh, who said losing weight is easy? Well, to those who are naturally skinny and slim then maybe it is easy but for me who have a potential to grow wide it is hard especially when there are tons of food around. I wouldn't say its easy though because I believe that if you keep on eating more than your body needs then you'll eventually grow bigger and bigger. For many people I know, they tend to control their food intake and I wouldn't believe when people talked about how much they ate and still didn't gain any weight at all. Let them live with me and I'll feed them loads and see if they will never put a pounds. I'll put money on it that they will. So, lets not talk BS here for we all know that our weight depends on how we eat. It is exactly the same on how we control our facial look. If we overtired ourselves and sleep less night after night then dark circles will eventually develop under our eyes. When/If it will, we'll panic and asked, how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes? Its a simple answer, take a regular sleep at least 8 hours a night as its a-must for human being - then, for sure you won't get dark circles under your eyes. If you do then it is pure ageing. And, I would recommend you to get a special cream for it. Aren't we lucky for there are lots of alternative solution these days. Looking great ain't necessarily mean spending tons of money. Regular exercise, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are the prime factor.

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