Friday, 18 February 2011

Degree Opportunity

The other night me and hubby talked about his job and the new staff he interviewed recently. And for some reason, I asked him if ever I apply a job within his region would he be able to interview me or would his company allowed him to interview me? His answer was this..."No, because I would only be interviewing people in management jobs as I am a senior" it means, he's not interviewing my sort of level. Then I proceeded why he is doing interview with the new cleaner? He said, he's only doing a favour as the woman who supposed to do this job was ill (caught a flu) and on a sick leave. After our conversation, I thought of pursuing a degree but have to decided what would I love to do in the future. I'm not getting younger and so is hubby so at least if he retire I can still carry on working even if its not as much as he earn. I'm hoping to start and enroll myself to grab the chance while I still have time as opportunity only come once.

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