Thursday, 24 February 2011

Giving thermogenesis a try...

It has been pretty miserable weather we had lately but today we got lucky for Mister Sunshine is out all day. So, dragged the kids out to the park early this morning. Well, wasn't that early for most people (quarter passed 10) but for us/me it was. Supposedly taking baby Will to weigh but for some reason I completely lost track of days, I thought today is Wednesday but obviously not, lol. So, missed it till next Wednesday again. It has been a while since the last time I took him. Oh well, we had a nice time at the park instead, burning some fats out while playing around with the kids. Also, we had a little run this morning on our way there - so, that should count as exercise. I have been making sure that me and my kids are active every spring and summer - its the only time of the year that we can be. I'd wish hubby was with us though but since he works pretty much everyday and only on weekends when he is able to join us doing activities. Having said that, he is about to start his dieting for he badly need to lose a lot of weight. Having a stressful work and life, a fit and healthy body is a must. I might suggest him this thermogenesis thingy - he should at least give it a try, might be good for him. Hopefully soon he'll do what he promised as I'm getting so worried of his health. A person itself (except the kids) has the only right to look after their health, no one else. If hubby will do his diet and lost weight, I'll be the happiest wife alive.

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