Thursday, 24 February 2011

Happiness is what matters the most...

With my first child, couple months after I was skinny as twig, no scratching marks, no cellulites - it was like I didn't have a child or I haven't gotten pregnant at all. But, little did I care about my body on that time anyway. Then shockingly enough I've grown so much (widely) after my 2nd child as I put nearly 60 pounds during my pregnancy, nearly twice as much as the weight I put on during my first pregnancy. But then, who would have thought I've lost it all 6 months after I had my son (Christian)? I was nursing him (breasfeeding) and he latching-on day and night, pretty much 24/7 and that alone has helped me get back into my regular weight so easily and quickly without using any weight loss pills. Yes, I was that lucky until I had my youngest, baby William. Imagine, how much weight I gained with my 2nd child? Then, it's 12lbs more with baby William but ,its apparently normal for a third pregnancy. But I expected to lose weight the same period of time however, I failed for until now I haven't completely back in my regular size yet. Not that easy anymore especially that I'm surrounded with friends who are great cook. Plus, partying every week (food feasting) ain't helping at all. Not a soda drink either. But then, I'm happier and I get less homesickness too. So, that's all it matters really.

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love this post! I think most women feel this way, it's so hard to get back to your normal weight after having so many kids! At times it can be discouraging! One thing i have found that has really helped me is weight loss pills. If you combine that with diet and exercise, you would never guess that you have had 3 babies! Although its totally up to you! I think it is so great though that you realize just how important children really are!!

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