Sunday, 13 February 2011

Next term ASC

After school club are on all year round. There are free and there are some that we also need to pay. I have registered Kath in Karate since last year but we stopped going because of my winter fright ( I'm scared walking in the dark) and the freezing weather - cold its just not my thing. But, springtime Kath will start joining more clubs again as well as Christian. Daddy is pondering of Hockey for Kath, gardening and Choir. Christian would love to be in the Rugby but he is still young to join. Its a shame there is no baseball club - would have been awesome for him to start on. I just fancy getting this personalized baseball bats and some other cool stuff for him. Oh well, I'll see what the school got to offer for him this spring. I'm sure there will be a couple to choose from. Its usually from Monday-Friday but this term they offer more on indoors activities. Christian prefers outdoors really. Nah, I shall see whats on!

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